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1040 Versus Tax Statement

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Did you receive your invitation from the IRS to be tax exempt? Your invitation for '98 or for '99, where no taxes are taken out of your paycheck? Or if you are a business owner, to be exempt where there is no quarterly filing, or end of the year return?

Well, if you'd like to see that invitation from the IRS to be exempt in writing, please obtain a copy of your 1998 1040 tax booklet. Go to page 51, in paragraph 3. You'll see the privacy act. The IRS is very clear, and if you would like to be in compliance, just read what it says, very, very closely. It says you must file a return, or a STATEMENT. The IRS is actually giving you a choice to file a return or a STATEMENT.

Therefore the question is, " What is a statement?", "Where do I get this statement?", "Who can file a statement?" and "What benefit would it be to me if I filed that statement?" Well, first of all, we must find out who is required to file a return.

The only people required to file a return are civil and federal employees, or if you own a business that engages in the sale of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. So therefore, everyone else, as long as you are a United States Citizen, or a Naturalized Citizen, the IRS is giving you a choice or an invitation to file a STATEMENT.

The statement is a 52 page document including the excerpts. This document is what is required by the IRS as a form, or a statement that meets all the regulations prescribed by the Secretary. So if you do file a statement, the only way you can be in an exempt status is if it has all the regulations prescribed by the Secretary, which this statement does. The reason of course, is an incomplete document could create problems for you, and the idea of this entire program is a non-confrontational compliance program with the IRS, so you can enjoy an exempt status, and greatly increase your monthly income.

Now, for all those W-2 wage earners that are listening to this, it is as simple as going down to your employer, and requesting a new W-4 form, and filling it out according to the instructions you will receive with your tax statement package. You give that to your employer, and you'll see on your next paycheck, there will be no state or federal taxes taken out of that check. So if they were taking out $200 to $300 per week, you now on your next paycheck will have an extra $200 to $300 dollars. This is one way to create an automatic pay raise for yourself. Of course, Social Security and Medicaid will continue to come out of your check, which is fine. This is a mandatory tax required of your employer to be taken out, unless of course, they decide to create a tax exempt status for their business.

For the business owner that is not engaged in the sale of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, you will actually be able to be in an exempt status. That means that there is no quarterly estimated filing, or end of the year return!

Now, this is a very powerful document. It has been used successfully for 14 years. In 14 years, this document has NEVER BEEN CHALLENGED! Never, EVER been challenged, and no negative feedback from the IRS. Why? Because, as I mentioned, it must be a complete document, it must meet all the regulations prescribed by the Secretary, which it does.

So here you have an opportunity to enjoy an exempt status, because you have now gained the information that is necessary to understand the compliance the IRS is offering you. And what are they offering you? A choice! A choice to be Tax Exempt!

Now, I know many of you may be thinking you can just run down to your accountant, CPA, or tax preparer and tell them to do this for you, but I promise you they will not advise you to do this for two reasons. The number one reason is because they do not know how, and most will not have even heard of this information. The second reason is quite obvious. If all you had to do is file a statement every year, they would go out of business. Now most CPA's and accountants that learn the legal strategies taught through the course have now adopted these strategies, and have learned how to incorporate them into their businesses.

Now, of course, the question comes to mind, "How come professional people such as tax attorneys, CPA's and bookkeepers do not know this information?" Well, actually that is because it is not an educational requirement for them to be licensed to know this information about the statement. All of the professional people in their field specialize in RETURNS, NOT STATEMENTS! The IRS is no different. We had a lady that actually went down to the IRS office in Washington, D.C., and finally after going to quite a few people, she was able to tap into a supervisor who simply said, "Yes, according to 6011 Privacy Act, if you are not a civil or federal employee and you do not have a business that sells alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, you can file a statement and be exempt, however, you are responsible to acquire your own statement. It is your due diligence to find out what is required to be on that statement, and what is a proper and complete statement."

Well, this statement took over 20 years of research, development and refinement by the creator of this document, in order to find out exactly what was required in regards to the regulations on this statement. So the groundwork and all the research has been done for everyone. And for the 14 years this document has been used, it has never been challenged.

The document will include a notice of default. We give the IRS 60 days to respond to this and at the end of 60 days, if they do not respond then they are in default and you are therefore in a clear exempt status. This means the IRS will not be coming back to pay you a visit 2 to 3 years down the road.

Now, as mentioned previously, the people that are required to file a return are civil and federal employees, such as people in the military, police department, fire department, school teachers, professors in state funded universities, emergency medical technicians, you have people who are toll collectors, you have people that repair the school buses for the city, janitors at schools, these are all civil or federal employees. They are required and it is mandatory for them to file a return. Therefore, your compliance would be your choice. That choice is to file a statement in lieu of a return, if you don't work for any civil or federal government agency, or own a business that sells alcohol, tobacco, or firearms. So it is a very fine opportunity for people to tap into some extraordinary information that most people are not aware of.

In case you're wondering, and if you love your country and you are a tax payer, and you want to contribute to the military, the fire department, the police department, the school system, the roads, you should know this. Monies received by the IRS do not go to any of those programs. The IRS is an offshore trust #62 in Puerto Rico. The money simply goes offshore to pay a debt owed by the federal government. What taxes do pay for the programs mentioned? Well, it comes from the gasoline tax, sales tax, excise tax, property tax, and many other forms of tax. That is the exciting news. So, for those who love their country, that is fine, just remember you are contributing to these programs by the other taxes you pay. This is very exciting information, and you will learn more about the tax system and how it works when you listen to your Global Prosperity 2001Foundational Education Course.

So are we tax protestors? Are we unpatriotic by doing this? NO! Not at all, the only people who get in trouble with the IRS are radicals, tax protestors, people who don't file anything when requested, and people who lie on their returns. So our goal is not to become confrontational. It is simply allowing us to take advantage of a choice invitation offered to us in writing by the IRS.

Now there has been an incredible enhancement that will go along with the statement, please choose to view the UCC 1 information to learn more.

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