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At a 2009 Tea Party rally in Quartz Hill, California, one of the speakers was candidate Mason Weaver. He was so compelling, I bought the book his compatriot was selling for $20. Before reading It's OK to Leave the Plantation, I assumed Democrats were ignorant, stupid, or incapable of common sense, and had an incredible ability to ignore the dismal failures of past government programs while perusing more of the same. As a Berkeley radical during the Black Panther era, he noticed the Democrat Party seemed to like dependent people poor.  Despite being nearly killed in an "accident" while in the Navy, Mason Weaver's family experience allowed him to see through the fog of politics as well as beat racism. All of the following quotations are his.
"In my family there is a difference between failure and not trying, and failure is preferred."
His research and observations reveal that even before the Republican Party was infected with Whig ambitions, and decimated the southern States during Reconstruction, the Democrat Party of slavery devised a way for the slave owners to maintain control of the slaves by appearing to be benevolent.
"When the abolitionists began to stir the consciousness of America and the Civil War loomed upon the horizon, the plantation owners began to realize that one day the slaves would leave the plantation. They began to devise ways to keep the slaves dependent on the owners of the plantations and at the same time have a belief that they were free and independent. The slave Master had to replace his system of overseers, slave drivers and slave breakers with different names and responsibilities. Their purpose would not change. They would keep the slaves working and producing a profit for the Master and his family."

"The technique was to spread distrust and mis-education to the slaves in order to make plantation life more attractive than life outside the plantation. 'We'll take care of you, just trust us.'"
Thus was born the modern Democrat Party -- the friend of ex-slaves, the weak and the meek. The more impoverished, the more votes -- a simple equation that has worked well to not only reverse the Post-Civil War Republican monopoly of office-holders, but also enrich black "leaders," elected Democrats and their friends at the expense of every American. The new overseers and slave drivers are the likes of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Their entire worth is delivering votes to Master, the Democrat Party.

Consistent with the need for complete freedom to intimidate slaves by keeping them unarmed and helpless to defend themselves from attack by the Master or his goons, like the KKK, the Democrat Party advocates equality in everything except self-defense. In fact the Democrat Party forces the meek to be unequal to the strong with gun ownership and use restrictions at every level of government; restrictions that criminals and government agents ignore.
"The overseers no longer had to worry about keeping the slaves in the field picking cotton. The new slavers no longer picked cotton; they were just having their votes picked by one political party."

"Before the Civil War, there were nine generations of slaves taught to hate and distrust themselves. They could not read or write, and had no defense against the system. Now we have four, five or six generations of Black people on welfare with no motivation. Our school systems have not taught reading or thinking skills. We still congregate on urban plantations lacking many services. We still turn to the slave driver to go to the Master for us, hoping to get little things we need."

"... We still had a fear of the slave Master, overseer, and the slave driver. They were still in the community doing the same job. The Masters were the politicians who claimed control over the South after the Civil War. They were the ones with all the power; they were ones you had to approach. The slave drivers were 'social' and even 'religious' leaders in the Black community. Their job was to play power broker and get services for the community from the Master. These services included welfare sharecropping jobs, low-paying domestic jobs in the city, and minimal health care. Again, this new system of plantation life had its Black breeder. The system discouraged Black men to be in the home with their babies, because welfare and other 'aid' would be shut off. The young under-educated Black women were encouraged to have more babies because their aid and services would be increased. Therefore, you had a system were Black men were bragging about 'all' the babies they had all over town. Black women were hanging out of tenement windows on the 1st and 15th of the month looking for "my" check."

"The War On Poverty is Over -- and Poverty Won. We thought the war on poverty was great! Who can argue with its goals to reduce poverty, feed breakfast to children, and to teach them? Well, we have spent 5 trillion dollars the past 3 decades to create 60 million dependent, unmotivated, and depressed people. It has not worked and it has made our community a wreck. We should have the courage to say this is killing us with "kindness;" take your kindness elsewhere. Five trillion dollars is more money than this country has spent on all of the wars we have fought put together. The American Revolution, Spanish-American War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War combined do not equal the financial efforts we have used for the war on poverty. If we can defeat every enemy with less, why can we not defeat poverty? Because there is too much money in poverty! ..."

"It finally dawned on me, as a young [militant] Berkeley student, that Democrats really understood poverty and poor people. In my studies, I began to think and [reason]. After decades of the War on Poverty, some things were clear, at least to the Democrats. ... they knew that if you place poor people in one area together, it is guaranteed to breed teen pregnancies, drug usage, bad schools, low self-esteem, high taxes and unemployment. They also know it is guaranteed to breed 'Democratic voters.'"
Ghettos were not the only method of achieving the foregoing. Democrats subsidized teen pregnancies, and rewarded the resulting mother with subsidized housing, so teenage girls eager to leave the household of their parents were motivated to get pregnant early and often. Welfare payments were reduced when males were found living with or supporting their children, so fatherhood was discouraged, which encouraged crime. Males could indulge their procreation motivation without risk of responsibility. Their children would live to project the father's genes into the future without him, because taxpayers were forced to provide for the children. Democrats bred and continue to breed voters.
"They found out that the poorer the community, the more its members are dependent on Democrats for services and the more they will vote for them. You will never find a poor, economically ravaged communities voting for Republicans. It is in the best interest of Democrats to have as many poor and dependent people as possible. Every program they want will always isolate the poor from the rich and provide services for the poor, but never provide services to get you un-poor."
The Democrat Party is clearly the most despicable organization in the U.S.A. What I had thought were policy and program failures were in fact great successes for the Democrat Party. Despite the rhetoric, the real intent of the programs was to make more people poor and dependent on Master.  The Democrat Party intentionally increases the number of those dependent on Master to increase the number votes for Democrat candidates and incumbents, and to increase pressure for Democrat Party policies.
"The truth is not as you see it; truth is as it is. Truth is not relative; it is absolute. Truth is eternal and unchangeable, and does not submit itself to the thoughts, hopes or actions of man. Truth is different from belief and faith; both belief and faith can be misguided and are often wrong."

"Belief is confidence that something is true. It may not be true, but you have confidence that it is, and you may even act upon it. Acting on belief is called faith. Faith, in most contexts, is a verb-not a noun. It is not something you are or something you have; it is what you are doing based upon your belief. However, faith alone does not mean the belief is truth. History is full of misguided beliefs and the faithful action they brought."

"In World War II, Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan believed they would conquer the world. Their populations held a belief that led to faith in their leaders. This faithful action took the world to war, but their actions proved untrue. It was only a belief, not the truth; the world did not fall to them. It was not their truth against our truth; it was a lie against the truth. Far too often we are taken in by belief, strong and our actions are often disastrous. Bad mistakes are often caused by misplaced beliefs. This is the success of con men: getting you to act on your be lief in them. If you do not know the truth when you find it, you will follow the one with the greatest story. That is what happens in politics, business and even region -- following the person who sounds the best. Picking leaders today is a display of charisma and developed skills of persuasion, not evidence of truth. Once you take a stand on substance and truth, the world will come after you."

"Misery loves company, and finding the truth about racism and opportunity will make those in misery jealous and angry with you. They will call you names, because that is all they have left. The only power liberals have is our fear of being called names. At the very hint of being called 'hateful', 'mean-spirited,' 'racist' or any other of their very colorful names, we back up and apologize. Let us stop backing and stop apologizing."
Not content to breed black voters, the Democrat Party bought the elderly vote with Social Security and Medicare. This ploy made more people more dependent on government and Master so well that the Republican Party ceased correctly identifying the programs as socialism, and endorsed the programs in oder to solicit some of the retiree vote.

The Democrat Party deftly maintains the union vote while importing voters (an indication of union member intelligence). The Democrat Party discouraged Guest Workers in order to encourage illegal immigration. It further incentivized the influx of voters with welfare and medical care rewards, which further encouraged voter breeding. Making it more difficult to enter the U.S.A. only encouraged illegal immigrants to bring their families with them, because the next visit home may be permanent. Anchor Babies became an additional way to import Democrat voters.

The result of this sham is power for Democrat overseers and slave drivers to extort money from businesses by threatening race, sex, age, disabled and other discrimination lawsuits. Democrat Masters like their Republican counterpart State legislators and CONgressmen extort money from businesses by merely threatening to change regulations or taxes. These Masters also make millions of dollars buying or creating worthless businesses and making them worth millions with legislation. Al Gore is likely to make a billion dollars thanks to his "green" investments and the bogus global warming agenda he advanced.

That's why CONgressmen are willing to invest far more in a campaign than they can possibly earn from the pay for the job. That's why there are 237 millionaires in Congress.

The Democrat Party of relative personal freedom and the Republican Party of relative economic freedom have respectively morphed into a Communist Party and a Fascist Party. Chose one and you get Collectivism. Chose the other and you get more Collectivism. Now all Americans are on the plantation.
Republican Fascist elephant and Democrat Communist donkey

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