Voluntary Society - Humanity

Whenever my eyes connect with those of a stranger, I acknowledge them with a nod and smile.  That is all most people need to feel like they belong.  Without that assurance of connectedness, people resort to attention-getting tactics, which usually further isolates them.  Isolated people become resentful.  Resentful people become hateful.  Hateful people become criminals, and sometimes violent criminals.

The next time you face a stranger, and have time for more than a nod and smile, try this:
"Hi.  I'm conducting an experiment.  I am going to touch your hand and then your shoulder as I look into your eyes, while I merely acknowledge your humanity.  I want you to tell me how you feel with each touch."
You make get a profound reaction, even tears.

Stay Connected with Humanity

Each time you identify with something, you separate yourself from humanity.

When you identify with a country, state, province, region, city, neighborhood or school, you separate yourself from those in other countries, states, provinces, regions, cities, neighborhoods and schools.

When you identify with a race, you separate yourself from other races.

When you identify with a sex, you separate yourself from the other sex.

When you identify with an age, you separate yourself from other ages.

When you identify with a religion, you separate yourself from all others, because your subjective reality cannot be shared.

When you identify with an athletic team, a gang, political party or a clothing brand, you separate yourself those who do not wear your colors or labels.

Avoid Identifying Yourself with Anything

Remain Unique

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