Voluntary Society - Political Landscape

Political Landscape

Order Forced Mixed Natural
Organization Hierarchical Mixed Spontaneous
Rule of Man (majority, mob, gang, individual) Law Value
Franchise Subset by affiliation Subset by age Every consumer
Decisiders Oligarchy Representatives Individuals
Method Vote, coerce Vote Time (money)
Power Concentrated Balanced Dispersed
Wealth derived from Power Mixed Serving others for profit
Property Public (government) Mixed Private
Member status Serf Citizen Soverign
seek Equal outcomes
(except for deciders)
Unequal outcomes Unequal outcomes
get Poverty Wealth Wealth
ownes Nothing Mixed Self, assets and all derived therefrom
Justice Uneqeal Mixed Equal
informally by Coersion or violence Mixed Peaceful persuasion
formally by Kangaroo courts Courts Arbitrators
Criminals Fined, incerated or murdered Fined, incerated or murdered Compensate victims

* Rhodes circles:  Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers

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