Voluntary Society - Concept - Property

Imagine no public or government property

Private property is the key to peaceful coexistence. From territory to self and progeny, every living thing understands property. It is the natural order. Ownership can be seen in the brain of the owner.

Once it is understood that humans own themselves and everything they have created or acquired without force or fraud, disputes are easily resolved. All property requires is that its ownership and value before and after damage occurred and the method of compensation (repair, replace, substitute) be determined by agreement or arbitration. Difficulties arise only when the ability or intent to compensate in a timely manner is questionable.

In the case of ability, the human responsible for the property damage can appeal to other humans or to lending institutions for assistance, or contract his labor to the owner of the harmed property. In the case of intent, an arbitrator must be involved to control the whereabouts of the human responsible for the property damage by way of an ankle bracelet or contracted incarceration in a facility that enables compensation.

Murder is property damage. Rape is trespass and perhaps property damage. Property owners have the right to defend their property by any means. Trespass is a threat that can be repelled by any means, because one cannot know the intent of the trespasser.

The source of pollution and acoustic and electromagnetic radiation is responsible for its trespass. The obstruction of electromagnetic radiation (sunlight or views) can require compensation. Compensation can be demanded, but diminishing returns engenders tolerance, because the one complaining about a lawnmower one day may need to run a chainsaw the next.

With property ownership comes responsibility. Humans own their genetic material, blood and bodily waste products until they are voluntarily acquired by others for use or disposal. Those harboring a contagion are responsible for its damage should it trespass onto others. Similarly, the waste products and damage caused by pets are the responsibility of their owners.

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