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The 4 Primary Arguments for God's Existence

by Michael J. Vlach, Ph.D.

Perhaps the hottest topic in all of philosophy concerns the existence of God. Thus the question—“Does God exist?” Our answer to this question affects how we view the world, how we behave, and what we expect for the future. The Cosmological,Teleological, Ontological, & Moral Law Arguments

The Problem of Evil

The problem of evil is the problem of reconciling the existence of an omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent God with the existence of a world full of evil and suffering. If God is omniscient then he knows how to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering. If God is omnipotent then he is able to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering. If God is benevolent then he wants to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering. But if God knows how to, is able to and wants to bring it about that there is neither evil nor suffering, then why does he not do so? The simplest answer is that God does not do so because he does not exist. This is by far the most popular argument for atheism.

Problems with Divine Justice

The doctrine of divine justice is also subject to criticism. First of all, it appears to conflict with the idea that God is forgiving. A just God sees that each person gets what he or she deserves; a forgiving God sees that some people’s sins go unpunished, that some people don’t get what they deserve. Second, the Christian view of heaven and hell appear in many ways to be unjust. Hell, for instance, appears to inflict an infinitely great punishment upon those who are sent there. How, though, can any finite sin deserve infinite punishment? Just punishments and rewards are proportionate to the badness or goodness of the person that deserves them. Heaven and hell though, are all or nothing, and so cannot be just.


I do not pretend to be able to prove that there is no God. I equally cannot prove that Satan is a fiction. The Christian god may exist; so may the gods of Olympus, or of ancient Egypt, or of Babylon. But no one of these hypotheses is more probable than any other: they lie outside the region of even probable knowledge, and therefore there is no reason to consider any of them.
— Bertrand Russell

The existentialist… thinks it very distressing that God does not exist, because all possibility of finding values in a heaven of ideas disappears along with Him; there can no longer be an a priori Good, since there is no infinite and perfect consciousness to think it. Nowhere is it written that the Good exists, that we must be honest, that we must not lie; because the fact is we are on a plane where there are only men. Dostoievsky said, ‘If God didn’t exist, everything would be possible.’ That is the very starting point of existentialism. Indeed, everything is permissible if God does not exist, and as a result man is forlorn, because neither within him nor without does he find anything to cling to. He can’t start making excuses for himself.
— Jean-Paul Sartre, Existentialism is a Humanism


I tend to agree with Sigmund Freud. He thought that Moses of the Bible was Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep the IV) from the Thutmoses Dynasty. His timeline would make more sense than the more popular notion of the great exodus under Ramses II.

I had a set of 1963 Britannica's. In there it referred to Psalms and Proverbs as being written by Akhenaten. The verses have been found on his hieroglyphs. Akhenaten was the heretic King. He had one of his palaces built in the city of On. On was formerly known as Heliopolis (sun god). In the book of Exodus, it is written that the Hebrew left from the city of On. It was renamed later in time as Ramses.

Akhenaten with his Aten religion was the first ruler to disgard the Goddess religion. Why? It was revered for thousands of years. Was he a misogynist?

The Hebrew took the Aten "male" religion, after fleeing Egypt and condemned women to a second class status. A woman in ancient Egypt could vote, move up in the government and own her own business.

As far as gods go, the god in the bible is known as a "War" god like Ares. The jews in the bible say that they married the "male" god. Israel is the bride, putting themselves a notch above other humans. Jacob took the regional gods names and combined them to rename himself Isis-Ra-El.
In the Mosaics you find the stories repeating. The wife is the half sister (sister/wife). She is sent into the King and he finds favor with her. He gives her gold, raiments, animals and slaves. Then she reveals that she is married. The King is blown away and sends her away with all the goods. She returns to her (brother/husband) with all the goods and his neighbors say," Wow! God has blessed you brother, look at all the stuff you have."

Holy Trinity
In Egyptian religious history you will find that Amen-Ra is the god in the sky that you can't see. All prayers ended with his name (Amen) and still do. You have the Holy Trinity; the father(Amen), the son (Osirus), and the holy spirit (Horus.)The story of Osirus is about him being dead for 3 days and then rising from the dead to ascend to paradise to join his father Amen-Ra. He leaves his son to rule and tells his people that from that day forward all Pharaohs would rule in the "spirit" of his son Horus.
The actual beginning of the holy trinity comes from the virgin/mother/crone tale. The mystery of the menstrual blood. Before, during and after menstruation. The holy grail holds the menstrual blood.

Immaculate Birth
The same story is repeated throughout the ancient worlds religions.
The Princess/Virgin gets impregnated by the invisible god in the night. The child is always a male. He is a demi-god. The demi-god is put through trials (usually 12). He can do extraordinary things that normal men cannot do. There is one exception in the North American Indians version, the virgin gives birth to twin boys, good and evil. 

As for Christianity, it is a combo of Amen-Ra, Atenism and Goddess religion - most don't know the origin of the religion, they just know the verses. If they studied the who, when, where and why it was written they would see it in a different light. It is a mish mash of ancient rituals.

The Old Testament is male deity worship and the New Testament is trying to convince the jews and gentiles to get away from female deity worship.

The medieval church took the symbol of the goddess(star) and drew a circle around it and called it the sign of the whore/witch so they could seize the
female widows property from the egalitarian rule in the Germanic regions. 

The Catholic church brought back the goddess through Mary. You can't keep a good women down. There is power in that blood.

The gods and goddesses are still with us today on our flag, calendar, space program, planets etc...

Henotheism (Greek εἷς θεός heis theos "one god") is a term coined by Max Müller, to mean worshipping a single god while accepting the existence or possible existence of other deities.[1]

Genesis 1:26      Let us make man in our image. Who is us? Who is our?  ~ polytheism

Exodus 20:3  -  Thou shalt have no other gods before me.  ~ henotheism

When God was a woman - Google Books

Mithra: The Pagan Christ Part 4

Rape In The Bible - The Old Testament - Torah
Same God in the Old and New Testament

Note that in many places in the Bible there are references to "taking a wife". Don't be fooled into thinking that these were voluntary marriages. This first quote clearly shows that murder and force were used to "take" these wives.

1) Murder, rape, and pillage at Jabesh-gilead (Judges 21:10-24 NLT) So they sent twelve thousand warriors to Jabesh-gilead with orders to kill everyone there, including women and children. "This is what you are to do," they said. "Completely destroy all the males and every woman who is not a virgin." Among the residents of Jabesh-gilead they found four hundred young virgins who had never slept with a man, and they brought them to the camp at Shiloh in the land of Canaan.

The Israelite assembly sent a peace delegation to the little remnant of Benjamin who were living at the rock of Rimmon. Then the men of Benjamin returned to their homes, and the four hundred women of Jabesh-gilead who were spared were given to them as wives. But there were not enough women for all of them. The people felt sorry for Benjamin because the LORD had left this gap in the tribes of Israel. So the Israelite leaders asked, "How can we find wives for the few who remain, since all the women of the tribe of Benjamin are dead? There must be heirs for the survivors so that an entire tribe of Israel will not be lost forever. But we cannot give them our own daughters in marriage because we have sworn with a solemn oath that anyone who does this will fall under God's curse."

Then they thought of the annual festival of the LORD held in Shiloh, between Lebonah and Bethel, along the east side of the road that goes from Bethel to Shechem. They told the men of Benjamin who still needed wives, "Go and hide in the vineyards. When the women of Shiloh come out for their dances, rush out from the vineyards, and each of you can take one of them home to be your wife! And when their fathers and brothers come to us in protest, we will tell them, 'Please be understanding. Let them have your daughters, for we didn't find enough wives for them when we destroyed Jabesh-gilead. And you are not guilty of breaking the vow since you did not give your daughters in marriage to them.'" So the men of Benjamin did as they were told. They kidnapped the women who took part in the celebration and carried them off to the land of their own inheritance. Then they rebuilt their towns and lived in them. So the assembly of Israel departed by tribes and families, and they returned to their own homes.

Obviously these women were repeatedly raped. These sick bastards killed and raped an entire town and then wanted more virgins, so they hid beside the road to kidnap and rape some more. How can anyone see this as anything but evil?

2) Murder, rape and pillage of the Midianites (Numbers 31:7-18 NLT)
They attacked Midian just as the LORD had commanded Moses, and they killed all the men. All five of the Midianite kings ? Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur, and Reba ? died in the battle. They also killed Balaam son of Beor with the sword. Then the Israelite army captured the Midianite women and children and seized their cattle and flocks and all their wealth as plunder. They burned all the towns and villages where the Midianites had lived. After they had gathered the plunder and captives, both people and animals, they brought them all to Moses and Eleazar the priest, and to the whole community of Israel, which was camped on the plains of Moab beside the Jordan River, across from Jericho.

Moses, Eleazar the priest, and all the leaders of the people went to meet them outside the camp. But Moses was furious with all the military commanders who had returned from the battle. "Why have you let all the women live?" he demanded. "These are the very ones who followed Balaam's advice and caused the people of Israel to rebel against the LORD at Mount Peor. They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the LORD's people. Now kill all the boys and all the women who have slept with a man. Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves.

Clearly Moses and God approves of rape of virgins.

3) More Murder Rape and Pillage (Deuteronomy 20:10-14) As you approach a town to attack it, first offer its people terms for peace. If they accept your terms and open the gates to you, then all the people inside will serve you in forced labor. But if they refuse to make peace and prepare to fight, you must attack the town. When the LORD your God hands it over to you, kill every man in the town. But you may keep for yourselves all the women, children, livestock, and other plunder. You may enjoy the spoils of your enemies that the LORD your God has given you.

What kind of God approves of murder, rape, and slavery?

4) Laws of Rape (Deuteronomy 22:28-29 NLT) If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father. Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

What kind of lunatic would make a rape victim marry her attacker? Answer: God.

5) Death to the Rape Victim (Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB) If within the city a man comes upon a maiden who is betrothed, and has relations with her, you shall bring them both out of the gate of the city and there stone them to death: the girl because she did not cry out for help though she was in the city, and the man because he violated his neighbors wife.

It is clear that God doesn't give a damn about the rape victim. He is only concerned about the violation of another mans "property".

6) David's Punishment - Polygamy, Rape, Baby Killing, and God's "Forgiveness" (2 Samuel 12:11-14 NAB) Thus says the Lord: 'I will bring evil upon you out of your own house. I will take your wives [plural] while you live to see it, and will give them to your neighbor. He shall lie with your wives in broad daylight. You have done this deed in secret, but I will bring it about in the presence of all Israel, and with the sun looking down.'

Then David said to Nathan, "I have sinned against the Lord." Nathan answered David: "The Lord on his part has forgiven your sin: you shall not die. But since you have utterly spurned the Lord by this deed, the child born to you must surely die." [The child dies seven days later.]

This has got to be one of the sickest quotes of the Bible. God himself brings the completely innocent rape victims to the rapist. What kind of pathetic loser would do something so evil? And then he kills a child! This is sick, really sick!

7) Rape of Female Captives (Deuteronomy 21:10-14 NAB) "When you go out to war against your enemies and the LORD, your God, delivers them into your hand, so that you take captives, if you see a comely woman among the captives and become so enamored of her that you wish to have her as wife, you may take her home to your house. But before she may live there, she must shave her head and pare her nails and lay aside her captive's garb. After she has mourned her father and mother for a full month, you may have relations with her, and you shall be her husband and she shall be your wife. However, if later on you lose your liking for her, you shall give her her freedom, if she wishes it; but you shall not sell her or enslave her, since she was married to you under compulsion." Once again God approves of forcible rape.

8) Rape and the Spoils of War (Judges 5:30 NAB) They must be dividing the spoils they took: there must be a damsel or two for each man, Spoils of dyed cloth as Sisera's spoil, an ornate shawl or two for me in the spoil. (Judges 5:30 NAB)

9) Sex Slaves (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT) When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again. But he is not allowed to sell her to foreigners, since he is the one who broke the contract with her. And if the slave girl's owner arranges for her to marry his son, he may no longer treat her as a slave girl, but he must treat her as his daughter. If he himself marries her and then takes another wife, he may not reduce her food or clothing or fail to sleep with her as his wife. If he fails in any of these three ways, she may leave as a free woman without making any payment. (Exodus 21:7-11 NLT)

10) God Assists Rape and Plunder (Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB) Lo, a day shall come for the Lord when the spoils shall be divided in your midst. And I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem for battle: the city shall be taken, houses plundered, women ravished; half of the city shall go into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be removed from the city. (Zechariah 14:1-2 NAB)

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