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Food Category Food Rating
<-- highly acidic -- highly alkaline -->
Breads Corn Tortillas   x        
Breads Rye bread      x      
Breads Sourdough bread   x        
Breads White biscuit      x      
Breads White bread   x        
Breads Whole-grain bread     x      
Breads Whole-meal bread     x      
Condiments Ketchup   x        
Condiments Mayonnaise   x        
Condiments Miso   x        
Condiments Mustard   x        
Condiments Soy sauce   x        
Dairy Buttermilk       x    
Dairy Cheese (all varieties, from all milks)   x        
Dairy Cream      x      
Dairy Egg whites   x        
Dairy Eggs (whole)   x        
Dairy Homogenized milk       x      
Dairy Milk (not pasteurized)     x      
Dairy Milk (pasteurized)   x        
Dairy Paneer (cheese)   x        
Dairy Quark   x        
Dairy Yoghurt (sweetened)   x        
Dairy Yoghurt (unsweetened)     x      
Beverages & Drinks Beer x          
Beverages & Drinks Coffee x          
Beverages & Drinks Coffee substitue drinks     x      
Beverages & Drinks Fruit juice (natural)        x      
Beverages & Drinks Fruit juice (sweetened)            x          
Beverages & Drinks Liquor x          
Beverages & Drinks Soda/Pop   x        
Beverages & Drinks Tea (black) x          
Beverages & Drinks Tea (herbal, green)       x    
Beverages & Drinks Water (Fiji, Hawaiian, Evian)       x    
Beverages & Drinks Water (sparkling)   x        
Beverages & Drinks Water (spring)     x      
Beverages & Drinks Wine   x        
Fats & Oils Borage oil       x    
Fats & Oils Butter      x      
Fats & Oils Coconut Oil (raw)       x    
Fats & Oils Cod liver oil     x      
Fats & Oils Corn oil     x      
Fats & Oils Evening Primrose oil       x    
Fats & Oils Flax seed oil       x    
Fats & Oils Margarine     x      
Fats & Oils Marine lipids       x    
Fats & Oils Olive Oil       x    
Fats & Oils Sesame oil       x    
Fats & Oils Sunflower oil     x      
Fruits Acai Berry     x      
Fruits Apples     x      
Fruits Apricot      x      
Fruits Apricots     x      
Fruits Apricots (dried)     x      
Fruits Avocado (protein)         x  
Fruits Banana (ripe)   x        
Fruits Banana (unripe)       x    
Fruits Black currant      x      
Fruits Blackberries     x      
Fruits Blueberry      x      
Fruits Cantaloupe     x      
Fruits Cherry, sour       x    
Fruits Cherry, sweet     x      
Fruits Clementines     x      
Fruits Coconut, fresh       x    
Fruits Cranberry      x      
Fruits Currant      x      
Fruits Dates     x      
Fruits Dates (dried)      x      
Fruits Fig juice powder     x      
Fruits Figs (dried)       x    
Fruits Figs (raw)       x    
Fruits Fresh lemon       x    
Fruits Goji berries     x      
Fruits Gooseberry, ripe      x      
Fruits Grapefruit      x      
Fruits Grapes (ripe)      x      
Fruits Italian plum     x      
Fruits Limes       x    
Fruits Mandarin orange   x        
Fruits Mango      x      
Fruits Nectarine     x      
Fruits Orange      x      
Fruits Papaya      x      
Fruits Peach      x      
Fruits Pear      x      
Fruits Pineapple   x        
Fruits Pomegranate   x        
Fruits Rasberry   x        
Fruits Red currant     x      
Fruits Rose hips   x        
Fruits Strawberries     x      
Fruits Strawberry      x      
Fruits Tangerine      x      
Fruits Tomato         x  
Fruits Watermelon      x      
Fruits Yellow plum     x      
Grains & Legumes Basmati rice     x      
Grains & Legumes Brown rice   x        
Grains & Legumes Buckwheat       x    
Grains & Legumes Bulgar wheat     x      
Grains & Legumes Couscous     x      
Grains & Legumes Granulated soy (cooked, ground)         x  
Grains & Legumes kamut       x    
Grains & Legumes Lentils       x    
Grains & Legumes Lima beans         x  
Grains & Legumes Oats     x      
Grains & Legumes Rye bread      x      
Grains & Legumes Soy flour       x    
Grains & Legumes Soy lecithin, pure           x
Grains & Legumes Soy nuts (soaked soy beans, then dried)           x
Grains & Legumes Soybeans, fresh         x  
Grains & Legumes Spelt       x    
Grains & Legumes Tofu       x    
Grains & Legumes Wheat   x        
Grains & Legumes white (navy) beans          x  
Meat, Poultry & Fish Beef x          
Meat, Poultry & Fish Buffalo   x        
Meat, Poultry & Fish Chicken   x        
Meat, Poultry & Fish Duck   x        
Meat, Poultry & Fish Fresh water fish   x        
Meat, Poultry & Fish Liver     x      
Meat, Poultry & Fish Ocean fish   x        
Meat, Poultry & Fish Organ meats     x      
Meat, Poultry & Fish Oysters     x      
Meat, Poultry & Fish Pork  x          
Meat, Poultry & Fish sardines (canned) x          
Meat, Poultry & Fish Tuna (canned) x          
Meat, Poultry & Fish Veal x          
Meat, Poultry & Fish Wild salmon,            
Misc Apple Cider Vinegar     x      
Misc Baking soda         x  
Misc Bee pollen       x    
Misc Canned foods   x        
Misc cereals (like Kelloggs etc)   x        
Misc Hummus     x      
Misc Microwaved foods            
Misc POPCORN     x      
Misc Rice milk     x      
Misc Royal Jelly       x    
Misc Soy Protein Powder     x      
Misc Tempeh     x      
Misc Whey protein powder     x      
Nuts Almond       x    
Nuts Almond butter (raw)       x    
Nuts Brazil nuts      x      
Nuts Cashews     x      
Nuts Filberts      x      
Nuts Hazelnut       x      
Nuts Macadamia nuts (raw)     x      
Nuts Peanut butter (raw, organic)   x        
Nuts Peanuts   x        
Nuts pine nuts (raw)       x    
Nuts Pistachios   x        
Nuts Walnuts      x      
Roots Carrot       x    
Roots Fresh red beet         x  
Roots Kohlrabi       x    
Roots Potatoes        x    
Roots Red radish         x  
Roots Rutabaga       x    
Roots Summer black radish           x
Roots sweet potatoes     x      
Roots Turnip       x    
Roots White radish (spring)       x    
Roots Yams       x    
Seeds Barley     x      
Seeds Caraway seeds       x    
Seeds Cumin seeds       x    
Seeds Fennel seeds       x    
Seeds Flax seeds        x      
Seeds Pumpkin seeds       x      
Seeds Sesame seeds       x    
Seeds Sunflower seeds       x      
Seeds Wheat Kernel   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Agave nectar     x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Alcohol sugars (xylitol and the other sacharides.   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Artificial sweeteners x          
Sweets & Sweeteners Barley malt syrup      x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Beet sugar   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Brown rice syrup     x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Chocolates   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Dr. Bronner’s barley malt sweetener     x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Dried sugar cane juice       x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Fructose      x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Halva [ground sesame seed sweet]   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Honey      x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Maple Syrup      x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Milk sugar      x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Molasses   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Sugar (white)   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Sugarcane   x        
Sweets & Sweeteners Turbinado sugar      x      
Sweets & Sweeteners Xylitol   x        
Vegetables Alfalfa         x  
Vegetables Alfalfa grass           x
Vegetables Artichokes       x    
Vegetables Asparagus       x    
Vegetables Aubergine/Egg plant       x    
Vegetables Barley grass           x
Vegetables Basil       x    
Vegetables Bell peppers/capsicums (all colors)       x    
Vegetables Blue-Green Algae     x      
Vegetables Bok Choy          x    
Vegetables Brussels sprouts       x    
Vegetables Cabbage lettuce, fresh         x  
Vegetables Canned vegetables   x        
Vegetables Cauliflower       x    
Vegetables Cayenne pepper          x  
Vegetables Celery         x  
Vegetables Chives       x    
Vegetables Cilantro         x  
Vegetables Comfrey       x    
Vegetables Cooked vegetables (all kinds)     x      
Vegetables Cucumber, fresh           x
Vegetables Dandelion           x
Vegetables Dog grass            x
Vegetables Endive, fresh         x  
Vegetables French cut (green) beans         x  
Vegetables Frozen vegetables   x        
Vegetables Garlic         x  
Vegetables Ginger         x  
Vegetables Ginseng       x    
Vegetables Green cabbage, (December Harvest)       x    
Vegetables Green cabbage, (March Harvest)        x    
Vegetables Horse radish       x    
Vegetables Jicama            x
Vegetables Kale           x
Vegetables Kamut grass           x
Vegetables Lamb’s lettuce       x    
Vegetables Leeks (bulbs)       x    
Vegetables Lettuce       x    
Vegetables Mushrooms   x        
Vegetables Mustard greens       x    
Vegetables Onion       x