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Great leaders inspire action by communicating Why
before How (Action)
before What (Concept)
because all decision-making is done by the primitive limbic system, and later rationalized by the cerebral cortex.

According to the Law of Diffusion of Innovation, 15-18% market penetration is the tipping point for a mass market.
Bell curve

If Agorists are the innovators, early adopters will buy into the concept to prove to others that they believe in Why.  The Why of Apple Computer is
We believe in challenging the status quo.
We believe in thinking differently.
We believe in inspiring people.

The why of Agorists can be
We believe in challenging the status quo.
We believe in thinking differently.
We believe in freeing people.

Declaration of independence

During an economic crisis in New Zealand, groups who had their entitlements reduced demanded that those of other groups be reduced as well. This attitude initiated a massive government reduction cycle that was unfortunately arrested, because the populace had no concept of living without government.

Constitutions limiting government are ignored by those who think they know what's best for other people, and hate being constrained to friendly persuasion. They would rather impose themselves on others by force at no risk to themselves or their fortunes by using government as their thug to steal and brutalize for them.

How does one change that mindset without also resorting to violence? How does one engage in self-defense from such people when they control the monopoly power of government? One answer is by rendering their tool --government-- illegitimate by refusing to vote or register to vote. Another is reducing insecurity and emote control by making humans aware of them.

We need only to stop enabling our tormentors. We need only stop giving politicians and bureaucrats legitimacy with our registration to vote. We need only stop donating our time and money to the political and religious demagogues who pit us against one another. We need only stop giving them and their minions our respect. They may throw a few tantrums, but they will fade away. Concurrently building market alternatives to the State will provide its replacement.


Stop Voting and Unregister. There is an indisputable political principle called the withdrawal of consent -- no regime can long endure when its subjects have withdrawn their consent to be governed/controlled by it. Most of us alive today witnessed the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of the entire Eastern bloc, and a few years later the collapse of the mighty Soviet Union. There were no massive armies engaged in civil wars. These collapses were the result of the oppressed simply, but dramatically withdrawing their consent to additional injury.

Refer to every organization as a Tribe, and pronounce every bias for or against an organization or its members a Tribal.

Alert others to every example of government and religion corruption, waste, fraud and abuse.

Criticize politicians and bureaucrats with letters-to-the-editor, photographs and video. Praise only those who quit.

Replace and defund. "The Solution" (Start of 1 of 10 videos or complete set) is occuring in Alaska and Montana. The message is more important than the messenger: Stop fighting government or attempting to reduce it. Using politics to fight the political establishment won't work. When the existing government and its administrative law dies, common law (compensate for damages and do what you say) will survive. [I'd prefer private arbitrators to common law courts, but the intent and result are the same.]

Recognize and Salute authority to humiliate and discourage government employees.

Starve government by
not buying government bonds or lottery tickets,
creating private alternatives to government services,
reducing your income or otherwise avoiding taxes and fees,
going Galt (unemployment indicates where to live to survive a collapse: relatively independent and unpopulated farming communities).
moving to a less aggressive jurisdiction.
Bleed government by
taking advantage of every entitlement or "free" service.

Pit jurisdictions against one another

By-pass government


Promote the cause

Create an alternate language version of this site

Communicate securely

Support Net Neutrality

Limit your Census information to that necessary to determine the number of Representatives


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