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It discourages them

Firstly, don't register. If you have registered, write a letter to your local Registrar of Voters requesting that you be removed from their list and why. For example:

Kindely remove my name from your list of voters and any list derived therefrom, and destroy all records of my voter registration. I no longer care to give government credibility with my vote or registration to vote.

Government is merely a device for seizing the wealth and controling the property of others. It is a parasitic system that has displaced and destroyed private enterprise. I find it abhorent to be enslaved or to use government to enslave others. I prefer a voluntary society of self interested people in which insurers protect the insured, and arbitrators determine the property value to be compensated in disputes between people who own themselves and are responsible for their property.

You are not alone

Periodically ask your Registrar for the statistics on the number of people in the population of your jurisdiction, the numbereligible to vote and the number of those registered to vote, and publish the data along with cogent comments to the letters section of your local newspaper.

Jury Duty

The voter registration list is the primary source for jurors, but not the only source. Unregisteringwon't help you avoid jury duty, but it will delay your first call, hopefully until after you have moved. Non-judgmental people who try to remain objective will usually find jury duty frustrating, heart-wrenching and a continuing source of sleepless nights. Those with preconceived notions usually conclude guilt early and ignore the evidence. They find jury duty easy, and sleep well.

If you are called to serve as a juror, stating that you are a libertarian or are familiar with the Fully Informed Juror movement will likely get you dismissed, because government wants convections regardless of bad law or the applicability of good law. Convections make it appear as if they are justifying their cost. Convections are a warning to anyone who would oppose the government or its agents.

Personal Experience as a Juror

The following is my personal experience with the judicial system. It involved a rookie police officer arriving at a domestic dispute scene for the first time alone, because all the other officers were on other calls. The family was moving from the apartment, so a refrigerator was obstructing the view of the door. The defendant came from the living room when he heard a commotion at the front door. He saw what appeared to be an attempt to stop the entry of a thug. The defendant slammed his body into the refrigerator to use it to push the intruder out of the apartment and block the door. The impact may have caused some saliva to strike the top of the refrigerator and the face of the intruder. The defendant claimed the refrigerator obstructed his view of the intruder to his head, so he did not know the intruder was a police officer without a hat.

The police officer announced himself to the elderly couple, but did not do so with the defendant. The officer admitted to only saying "Stop pushing me out." The officer claimed he could see the upper torso of the defendant, and assumed the defendant could see the upper part of his uniform and his badge. The officer also reported that he was much closer to the refrigerator than was the defendant, which makes a lot of difference about who can see what. The officer claimed that the defendant spat on him and used his hands to shove him into the wall, where he created an indentation with his shoulder, so there was no question that the defendant knew the intruder was a police officer. The photographic evidence as presented indicated that the hole was below the light switch, which is normally about 4' above the ground. The officer is 5'-10", so this further discredited the officer's testimony. I was the only juror to notice the light switch. The other jurors were too blinded by their "intuition" to notice.

9 March 2009


City of Beaverton Municipal Court
P.O. Box 4755
Beaverton, Oregon 97076


Trial Court Administrator
Washington County Courthouse,
150 N. First
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Oregon Court of Appeals
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563

Oregon Supreme Court
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563


William T. Holmes
1805 NW 173rd Ave., Apt. 1403
Beaverton, Oregon 97006

While I applaud the efficiency of selecting jurors compared with sitting in a room with 60 other prospective jurors for days in San Diego County, kindly do not invite me to be a juror until I am guaranteed the right to question the attorneys as well as cross-examine the witnesses during trial. This is as it once was, and as some jurisdictions (Texas?) are learning it should be again.

I am still so angry about my experience with your judicial system on 6 March 2009, that I cannot sleep well, and am distracted throughout the day by the scenes replaying in my mind.

In a case in which both parties argued that geometry was the key to determining the veracity of the only plaintiff witness, the aggrieved, and the only defense witness, the accused, neither the floor plan nor the height of the refrigerator between the two was provided by either attorney. According to testimony, the refrigerator height varied a critical ten inches. According to the police officer, the refrigerator was keeping the door from being opened more than 45 degrees, and it was five feet away.

The arrogant prosecutor presented photographic evidence upside down, and failed to elicit a coherent and consistent sequence of events from the plaintiff. He preferred to waste time regurgitating the same speech three times. The equally incompetent defense attorney not only failed to counter plaintiff testimony, or elicit a thorough sequence of events from the accused, but also biased the jury by reporting a recent convection of her client. Furthermore, both attorney's failed to have two other witnesses appear and testify.

Left with nothing but supposition and conjecture, the ignorance and ugly biases and bigotry of the jurors spewed forth during deliberation. A female government employee unconditionally accepted the testimony of a fellow government employee. A woman ignorant of all the cases of prosecutors withholding exonerating evidence, police officers perjuring themselves, and police officers and labs altering, falsifying and inventing evidence, including the once respected FBI, would accept the testimony of a police officer without question. Another female juror thought the defendant should have mastered English language and measurement system after stealing U.S. jobs for seven years. A young female juror relied on her uninformed intuition. Even the East Indian female juror was biased by the revelation of a prior conviction of which I fear the accused was convicted by a similar jury.

Without evidence with which to remain objective, my own experiences and their bias emerged.

For the last six years, I've been married to a lovely, gracious and funny Brazilian who is fluent in Portuguese, English and Italian, and does well with Spanish and French. She worked as an international airline stewardess for six years. After studying English in Brazil, she studied English in Chicago and New York before moving to California, where we met. Since moving to Oregon for my work, she has experienced an extraordinary amount of racial abuse relative to any other State or country. From everyone in customer service training turning their backs to her, or fellow employees and managers adjusting their seat to avoid talking with her during luncheons, or talking around her as if she did not exist; to not replenishing her register with cash so her returns customers would become irate with her; to giving her the jobs of white employees who were scheduled to clean the bathrooms; to obstructing her path with shopping carts; to store employees treating her as a thief; to verbal abuse hurled from cars, she has suffered the last three of her 59 years in Oregon.

So, yes, I'll cut the foreigner some slack. And, yes, I've been trying to get work in other States.

My college love married what became an abusive husband who happened to be drinking buddies with the local police officers, who it appears were also wife abusers. When any officers bothered to respond to her calls for help, they commiserated with her ex-husband in the driveway agreeing that she made him break-down the front door and beat her in front of her children. These and other acts I independently confirmed with two of their three children. The third, the eldest female, who dearly loved her father until she attempted to defend her mother, became an alcoholic and leader of a gang that spends its time assaulting other teenagers. The ex-wife was never able to get a restraining order, because the court conveniently lost her huge stack of records three times. Luckily the husband died of cirrhosis of the liver before he killed anyone.

I invited a San Diego police lieutenant to dinner. Having worked with the "Six Million Dollar Man", Bruce Peterson at NASA, Edwards, California, I noticed the scars at her temples. She explained that a San Diego police captain beat her so severely that she required plastic surgery to replace her eyebrows. He remains a captain. With an incredulous rationale, she blamed herself, so that was our first and last date.

The U.S. incarcerates more of its population than any other country - 1 in 31 are hobbled by the "justice" system. About 25% of those convicted of rape are being found innocent with DNA evidence. My wife follows all the crime investigation series on TV, where police and prosecutors rely on statistics to bias their investigation toward family members. Once convinced they know who is the "perp," they doggedly pursue him, and will sometimes hide, alter or invent evidence in order to WIN a conviction, regardless of justice. Sometimes police officers bias other police officers until a case can be made to punish someone who offended the original police officer by disrespecting him, dating his ex-girlfriend, or whatever.

So, yes, I will not accept the word of a police officer without question. It takes a very special personality to dawn a uniform, and not become obnoxious authoritarians. I've observed this jekyll and Hyde transformation even in campground hosts. It's a good thing they are not issued guns.

Unless, I am allowed to compensate for the incompetence of attorneys, kindly do not ask me to be a juror.

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