Voluntary Society - Concept

Imagine no one imposing themselves on you by way of government

Imagine no one imposing their beliefs on you by way of government

Imagine complete freedom to do with your property as you please

Imagine your property value loss due to others compensated by them

Imagine no government

There is no government like no government.

This concept was likely originated by Andrew Galambos, but Morris and Linda Tannehill expressed it most concisely in Market for Liberty. Making people aware of the alternative social arrangement often called Agorism or Anarcho-capitalism as a means of eliminating concentrations of power is the primary purpose of this Web site. Non-Agressor, Anarchist, Free Market Passivist, Voluntarist, Non-interventionist, Austro-Anarchist, Miserin, Rationalist, Anachro Capitalist, Libertarian Anachro Capitalist are also used as monikers. The Ferengi depicted on Deep Space Nine are an example.

There are always arrogant asses who think they know what's best for other people. They should be free to profit from that wisdom in an unregulated market of voluntary transactions. Entirely eliminate government, and the argument over who should rule ends. No one rules anyone. Everyone governs themselves. Everyone owns themselves. There is no public property. Everything is either owned or unowned.

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Agreement (law)




Intellectual Property

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Ask yourself, "Am I causing anyone a loss of value by an act of agression or negligence?" If the answer is no, then you are welcome in a voluntary socitey.
The Sunset of the State

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