Voluntary Society - Agreement

Imagine Simplicity

One and only one rule – Given that humans own themselves all trespass and fraud must be compensated.

Control of self-contained boundary claimed constitutues property ownership.
Property examples:
Tool, shelter, food, water, chemical, money, weapon, vehicle.
Area of Earth surface and correlating subsurface and supersurface (atmosphere), view.
Blood, sperm, egg, progeny.
Hair, skin, bacteria, virus, fungus.

Trespass examples:
Vehicle, person, fist, club, bullet.
Water runoff, mud slide, chemical pollution, electromagnetic and acoustic radiation pollution, shadow, view obstruction
Touch, penis, sperm, blood.
Fallen hair, skin flakes, exhaled or excreted bacteria, virus or fungus.

Fraud examples:
Misrepresenting the value of property or service provided. For simplification, fraud is considered an intellectual trespass.

Adults are those capable of compensating property value loss. Adults own themselves as well as their acquisitions, excretions, exhalations and procreations.

Dependents are those incapable of compensating for the trespass of their property. When progeny become capable of compensating for the trespass of their property, they become adults independent of their parents. When adults become unable to compensate, they revert to children, dependent on an adult relative or someone willing to incur the responsibility. Dependents and adults my use an arbitrator to change their ownership. Lacking a contract to the contrary before conception, the female parent is the owner of an ovum resulting from the voluntary contribution of sperm, because she contributes more mitochondrial   DNA at conception. She is also the owner of a resulting child, because in most cases much of her physiology is devoted to gestation.

Owners are adults or dependents who are responsible for property, and must therefore control it and its use.

Protectors provide property protection services to adults or their insurance companies. They may specialize in stationary property, movable property, physical protection, fire protection, health protection, etc.

Recoverers provide property recovery [and seizure services*] to victims. Recoverers may specialize in investigation, stolen property, [trespasser property,*] etc. [Victims may at their own expense employ recovers to find and recover stolen property, or seize the property of their trespasser, or seize the trespasser in order to execute the determination of the arbitrator.*]  * Subject to debate.

Insurers are contracted intermediaries between their clients and contracted protectors and recovers.

Accusers may be individual adults or their insurance companies or allege a trespass.

Accused are allegedly trespassors.

Trespassors are accused who are determined by an arbitrator to in fact be guilty of trespass.

Victims are accusers who are determined by an arbitrator to in fact be victims of trespass.

Arbitrators are determined by lot if there is no prior selection agreement between disagreeing parties. Arbitrators determine property ownership, alleged value, market value and loss value according to evidence and witnesses provided by the accuser and accused. Arbitrators determine the most efficient means of compensation: reparing the property, replacing the property, or compensating its value loss with property or labor of the accused or readily exchangable property of equivalent value, like an amount of money. Arbitrators punish frivolous claims by allocating the cost of the arbitration more on the accuser than the accused.

If the accused refuses arbitration by an arbitrator drawn by lot, or the intent of a trespasser to compensate is in question, the arbitrator may publish the incident and all available accused identity information on a widely accessible media like an Internet database to discourage others from trading or associating with the accused until compensation is initiated. Personal identification scanners will make repeat offenses difficult, and those attempting trespass may be killed or maimed by their intended victims or the protectors thereof.

Contract is an agreement between two people or among more people to exchange ownership.  Victimless crimes are those with no property violation.

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