Voluntary Society - Concept - Fundamentals

Imagine a natural order

All matter spontaneously self-organizes into more complex systems.

All matter engages in predator-prey and/or trade relationships.

What appears to be the status quo is merely the equilibrium of the moment in an adaptive competition among predator-prey and trade relationships that can be termed "co-evolution." It is a market run by self-interest.

Predator-prey examples:

Black hole and surrounding matter
Trespasser and the owner of the property trespassed, for example:
Lion and buffalo
Virus and animal
Bacteria and animal
Cannibal, murderer, rapist, thief, etc. and victim

Trade examples and their medium of exchange:

Sun and its planet and planet and its moon - gravity.
Cell and its mitocondria – chemicals.
Cell components within a cell - chemicals.
Cells within a slime mold colony – structure for food access.
Cells within an organ - chemicals.
Organs within an animal - chemicals.
Animal and its gut bacteria – chemicals.
Animals within a herd, pack, flock, pod, etc. – alert signals.
Human supplier and its customer – money.
Humans within a family, tribe, area, region, jurisdiction, continent,
planet, etc. –recognition, respect, empathy, knowledge, entertainment,
labor, property, etc.

Market examples:
Galaxy - assembly of stars organized by the gravity of a black hole.
Pride, pod, tribe, society – network of animals organized by property
theft as trespassers.
Herd, flock, school, family, tribe, society – network of animals organized
by property protection to deter trespassers.
Unregulated market – network of humans organized by trade to benefit
from specialization.
Regulated market – network of humans organized by jurisdiction of trespasser
Monarchy, dictatorship – high-cost control of a jurisdiction by way of
Democracy – low-cost control of a jurisdiction by way of delusion.

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