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One Time Zone !

Use standard time when interacting with others. When they look confused, explain why.

My disgust with Daylight-Savings Time led me to question Time Zones as another stupid government dictate regarding time. Dividing the earth into arbitrary Time Zones is also stupid, particularly given the Internet and national and international commerce that span time zones.

The historical rationale for time zones -- trains -- is no longer valid.

Time Zones were originally established in rural areas. With increasing populations in those areas, the wiggling longitudinal lines that demarcate Time Zone become absurd. Imagine the poor sole who lives a block away from a favorite store in another time zone who must constantly compute the difference in time to determine if the store is open.

Time Zones confuses travelers and financial transactions.

Those who need to coordinate their activities simply need to agree on a time based on Standard Time -- Greenwich Mean Time (GMT):

Lateral clock.

Visit NoTime Change for a common sense solution to Daylight-Savings Time.

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