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As an engineer, I am embarrassed for NatGeo by the pathetic job done by the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center.  NatGeo should have delayed the program until enough money was available to pay someone to do it right.

Opinions on controversial issues have as much to do with predispositions than anything else.  Despite catching government officials in so many lies (public pronouncements later discovered to be false, prosecutorial misconduct, altering or inventing evidence, lying under oath, etc.) and experiencing candidates lying at community meetings when I twice ran for representative, and noting the fact that 911 provided the "new Pearl Harbor" desired by the Straussians in the Bush Administration and the Zionists of Israel, I argued for the government version of the 911 conspiracy until I heard the phrase "false flag."  I researched it and discovered it has long been the habit of governments to engage in such operations in order to blame the victim for an aggressive act by the government (Lincoln and Ft. Sumpter, Polk and the Mexican War, elder Bush and Panama, etc.).  Even conspiracists did not expect the identifying letters of the Lusitania to be painted-over as recently discovered by a deep submersible vehicle in 2008.  One author documented over thirty false flag operations performed by the U.S. alone.  Seven (http://voluntarysociety.org/conditioning/conspiracy/index.html) convinced me that alternate explanations for 911 should be seriously investigated, so I embarked on my own research.  Much of it is documented at http://voluntarysociety.org/conditioning/conspiracy/911/index.html.

Despite the odd flight paths, no part serial numbers, a passenger passport that survived a WTC fireball and data flight recorders that did not, a specific thermal expansion-contraction sequence and numerous other oddities that make the government version incredible, many of the alternate versions can be dismissed as more or less credible or incredible.

The destruction of WTC 1, 2 and 7 are another matter.  The squib jets, explosions, molten steel, thermite residue, iron spheres, unburned thermite, slag on the outside of column diagonal cuts, collapse instead of topple, core columns, core collapse first, collapse speed, etc. make controlled demolition definitive.  Once that fact is widely accepted, then the other issues will get the attention they deserve.

"Thousands" were not required for this conspiracy.  Politics were used to move air defense wings from the area.  Terrorists are easily recruited by 1 person and killed.  Automated flight control systems can be altered.  With WTC and airport security provided by the 2 Bush Brothers, there was lots of time for a small team to install wiring and charges, and cheer their work (6 Mossad agents arrested and deported to Israel), or be quietly murdered by the recruiter. Various building modification excuses encouraged the tenants to ignore all the noise.  Subtotal = 9 excluding the "terrorists."
+ President Bush awaiting a terrorist attack at a school = 10
+ Vice President Cheney confusing the airspace with drills = 11
toss-in Silverman for profit = 12
The demolition installers may have been told explosives were being installed in all tall buildings to avoid collateral damage from toppling, so the smallest number of conspirators besides the Arabs is 6.

Clearly, NatGeo has the opposite disposition.

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