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My start in the investigation/analysis:  asymmetric damage and yet symmetric collapse of three buildings.  Once you understand that governments, including ours has engaged in conspiracies like False Flags, you should be more receptive to yet another False Flag on 9/11/2001. The 9/11 Commission Rejects own Report as Based on Government Lies as questions abound.  Grupo Zero video series is most recent and best summary yet.


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Government failure
Coincidences and oddities

"New Pearl Harbor"

Pearl Harbor animation with WTC

Strangeness: As an aeronautical engineer, I found it odd that when the entire section of World Trade Center (WTC) 2 (South Tower) above the damage began to topple due to the asymmetric damage, the entire structure beneath it disintegrated. I would have expected the damaged section to crash onto the buildings and street below. I found it odd that the portion above the fires of the asymmetrically damaged WTC 1 (the second to fall) did not topple. Instead the radio antenna on the top the building dropped before the rest of the structure. I wondered what caused all the puffs of smoke and debris jetting from the floors beneath the collapse zone. I similarly found it odd that the asymmetrically damaged WTC 7 collapsed in the middle first rather than topple. Its damage was so minimal that I was surprised that it did not remain standing. I expected to see the remains of wings and engines on either side of the hole in the Pentagon and lots of debris, but saw neither. Within minutes of the WTC 2 disintegration, the explanation for it was announced by a stranger interviewed on the street below. That explanation was applied to all the WTC buildings destroyed, and incessantly repeated by the news media, so I bought the government conspiracy theory.

Government conspiracy theory - Nineteen Islamic radicals, mostly Arabs conspired to frustrate American air defenses and successfully destroy two skyscrapers with conventional steel cores by fire when most of the fuel was oxidized in the vapor cloud explosion outside the buildings. They also managed to damage the only reinforced and sparsely occupied section of the Pentagon while avoiding the offices of Rumsfeld and the Joint Chiefs. In response, the Bush Administration aids the departure of Saudi personnel from the U.S., invades Afghanistan to kill one individual, and invades Iraq to punish it for 911 ... oops, Iraq was not involved ... ah ... to eliminate weapons of mass destruction ... oops, none were found, not even the poison mustard and sarin gases the U.S. gave to Saddam Hussein with which to war with Iran ... ah ... to kill a tyrant we supported, and impose democracy at the point of a gun. That worked. Americans were induced to support the invasions of two countries, neither of which attacked the U.S.A. (If you believe the government story, then you must consider its ramifications.)

Email messages from friends led me to investigate further. I shifted through reams of supposition and conjecture and arguments therewith to find the most credible information. See response to NatGeoTV.

Gradually, convincing evidence for controlled demolitions of the WTC appeared: First there was the vertical collapse at free-fall speed despite asymmetric damage and a massive steel core, molten steel video taped pouring from a floor, explosions and "rivers of molten steel" reported by tenants and rescuers, still red-hot steel photographed during debris removal weeks later, seismographic evidence of explosions, and the inability of a JP-4, wood and paper fire to melt steel under ambient conditions. Then explosives residue was found on diagonally cut core columns, explosive residue was found in WTC dust by the EPA as well as 911-Truth researchers, unburned explosives (nano thermite) was found in WTC dust, and microspheres of iron (solidified from vaporized molten steel) was found in WTC dust, and a detailed delineation of the WTC evidence was provided by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth analysis.  Firefighters for Truth presentation.

Government conspiracy theory addendum - In an effort to excuse the demolitions, I imagined that many skyscrapers are being wired with demolition charges to collapse such buildings into their footprint to avoid collateral damage from toppling should they be damaged by earthquakes or terrorists. While the center of the building is usually the first to be compromised, as evidenced by the radio tower drop in WTC 1 and center of WTC 7, squat buildings are often demolished from the bottom up, because it requires less explosives to achieve the desired effect. In the case of tall, high aspect ratio buildings like the towers, however the demolition of the perimeter structure must start at the top to avoid toppling (top-down demolition example). Perhaps WTC 1, 2 and 7 were demolished as they began to topple to avoid collateral damage. WTC 7 was demolished after it was vacated. Fear of the repercussions for demolishing WTC 1 and 2 while occupied required cover stories for the WTC 1 and 2 collapse (perimeter floor yield due to fire) and WTC 7 (structure straddling power station damaged from WTC 1 collapse debris), but then troubling coincidences were revealed:

Why? Who benefited? Conspirators including Bush-Blair Meeting Memo

2006 December 18: Key 9-11 Facts And Assumptions challenged By Prof. David Ray Griffin Video - 9-11: Myth Or Reality? 9-11 Fact Sheet.

2007 September 23: Seven CIA veterans have severely criticized the official account of 9/11 and have called for a new investigation.

9/11 Commission Omissions

Top 40 reasons to doubt the official story of September 11th, 2001


  1. Why were 29 pages of the 9/11 committee report personally censored at the request of President Bush?
  2. Where are the "black boxes" from Flight 11 and Flight 175?
  3. Where are the "voice recorders" from Flight 11 and Flight 175?
  4. Why can't we gain access to the complete air traffic control records for Flight 11 and Flight 175?
  5. Where are the airport surveillance tapes that show the passengers boarding the doomed flights?
  6. Why did your brother Jeb (the Governor of Florida) go to the offices of the Hoffman Aviation School and order that flight records and files be removed? These files were then put on a C130 government cargo plane and flown out of the country. Where were they taken, and who ordered it done?
  7. Why were the serial numbers on the aircraft parts at the crash sites not traced to the aircraft of American Flight 11, United Flight 175, American Flight 77 and American Flight 93, respectively, as is customary in accident investigations?
The unanswered questions of 911
Daniel Sunjata is articulate in his interview on the new 9/11 investigation demanded by New Yorkers - Part 1, Part 2

A report commission by former US Secretary of State James Baker entitled "Strategic Energy Policy Challenges For The 21st Century" is submitted to Vice President Cheney April 2001... It argues that "the United States remains a prisoner of its energy dilemma," and that one of the "consequences" of this is a "need for military intervention" to secure its oil supply. It argues that Iraq needs to be overthrown so the US can control its oil.  Gen.Tommy Franks, the commander of US forces in the Persian Gulf/South Asia area, testifies to Congress in April 2001 that his command's key mission is "access to [the region's] energy resources."


What's to be done?

Justice for 911, Justice For 9/11 (1/2), Justice For 9/11 (2/2)



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19 May 2009 - Following in the footsteps of well over 1,000 scientists and other professional groups who have already gone on record questioning the official theory, 41 U.S. Counter-Terrorism and Intelligence Agency veterans have come forward to challenge the Government’s rendition of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Their behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience of sensitive and classified issues places them in a uniquely authoritative position. In this sense, their critical stance is all the more damning for the government. Conspicuously absent from the landscape are the mainstream media professionals, as they continue to provide cover for the government’s totally bankrupt theory and fail to report on landmark developments such as this.

Reason towers fell cartoon

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