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The Internet is awash in pro- and anti-government conspiracy sites. It is an arduous task to examine them for facts and plausible truths, but you are encouraged to do so with an open mind. Many of the outlandish sites have been removed or modified in response to errors, subsequent analysis, additional facts or logical argument provided by both pro- and anti-government critics of the sites. You will find some, like witness Rodriquez, who appear to change their story to gain notoriety. You will find that the pro-government sites are short on information, analysis and logic relative to the anti-government sites. The following are but a few of those examined in no particular order. If you believe the Bush Administration's conspiracy, explain the molten steel. 

Intersecting facts
Timeline - two pages
Timeline - ten pages
9/11 Coincidences (Part One)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Two)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Three)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Four)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Five)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Six)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Seven)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Eight)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Eight) UPDATE
WTC - demolition - the real proof UNSEEN before
9/11: Total Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings
9/11 Coincidences (Part Nine)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Ten)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Eleven)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Twelve)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Thirteen)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Fourteen)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Fifteen)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Sixteen)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Seventeen)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Eighteen)
9/11 Coincidences (Part Nineteen)
Project for the New American Century
9/11 Timeline, Two-page Summary of 9/11 Timeline
9/11 Timeline: Ten-Page Summary
Warnings ignored
Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11
Ground Zero and the Grassy Knoll
Concatenated as backup here in the event the source article disappears. It provides a good summary of the evidence, questions and range of explanations.
9/11 Fact Sheet
Patriots Question 9/11
9-11 Research
Scholars for Truth
Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice
In Plane Sight
Loose Change 2nd Edition (also at Google and my MOV version)
The second edition apparently responded to earlier critics by minimizing the unnecessary non-commercial-aircraft-hitting-the-towers-theory propounded in the first edition, but still wastes time on alternate vehicles hitting the Pentagon. The film states that New York's Empire State Building was hit by a B-52 in 1945. It was actually a B-25 Mitchell. The authors have since apologized and acknowledged this error. When conspiracy advocates stop relying on hyperbole to make their points, we might get a true "documentary." That said, the movie is worth watching if for no other reason than to understand why so many are so dissatisfied with the official explanations.
Loose Change movie description and critic links
9/11 Revealed
Weak attempt to counter 9/11 questions. Resorts to denigration and ad hominem attacks.
NIST 'Fact' Sheet
Claims air compressed by falling floors is responsible for jets observed below the collapse zone. If so, why the large concrete debris in the jets from floors far below the collapse zone? The clear air adjacent to the weakest window could have blown out the window. Dust and paper from the adjacent offices might eject with the air as seen in aircraft decompression videos, but no large concrete debris from the core should reach the windows. Kevin R Ryan, who is Chemist and UL employee involved in the WTC investigation, which includedphysical testing of models of the WTC 1 and 2 floor truss structure, which under worst cast scenarios demonstrated the floors could not have saged to the extent necessary for the alleged structural falure was fired for merely writting a letter to NIST asking for explanations of the inconsistencies and apparent errors in the NIST report. My brief examination of the NIST site on the subject revealed a few of those errors and inconsistencies.
Pentagon surveillance cctv 2001/9/11
911 Analysis
Studyof911.com Articles Archive
Journal of 911 Studies
Overcoming People's Psychological Resitance
The Truly Distracting 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: A Reply to Alexander Cockburn
Killtown's 9/11 coincidences and oddities
military exercise timeline
Intersecting Facts and Theories on 9/11
Revisiting 9/11/2001 -- Applying the Scientific Method
Muslims Suspend Laws of Physics!
Is Israel Blackmailing America?
911 Mysteries at Googgle or here

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