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9/11, 9-11, 911 - WTC Profitability

1960: The World Trade Center (WTC) was initiated by a Lower Manhattan Association created and chaired by David Rockefeller, who had the original idea of building the Center with strong backing from the then New York governor, his brother, Nelson Rockefeller as an urban renewal project.

1966 August 5: The World Trade Center (WTC) construction began.

The twin towers were big money losers for the New York Port Authority. They cost $ millions a year to equip with the basics: electricity, water, heat, sewage, air conditioning and even oxygen in the air-tight buildings. As modern communications connected traders around the globe, tenancy of the towers continued to drop. Scott Forbes: "The building was retro, some of the features were so old, like the central heating and a/c systems, which were really really bad and inefficient. ... in summer the heat inside the building could be really bad. We had a manual way of setting up fans on desks to keep the air circulating around the floors."

Furthermore, the steel beams were sprayed with fireproof asbestos. "In 1971, New York City banned the use of asbestos in spray fireproofing. At that time, asbestos insulating material had only been sprayed up to the 64th floor of the World Trade Center towers." - Steven Milloy, September 14, 2001. "Anticipating a ban, the builders stopped using the materials by the time they reached the 40th floor of the north tower, the first one to go up" - New York Times on September 18, 2001. The WTC was in economic trouble before it was completed. The WTC was given several weavers to clean up its act, but cost estimates were $1 billion, and no insurance company was willing to bear the cost.

1975 February 13: World Trade Center North Tower (WTC 1) suffers a fire on the 11th floor. The fire is so intense that it causes the 11th floor east side windows to break, indicating temperature greater than 1,292F or 700C. It is not immediately known that the fire was spreading vertically from floor to floor through 12x18" telephone cable openings in the floor slab. 125 firemen are involved, and 28 sustain injuries from the intense heat and smoke before the fire was extinguished three hours later. There was no sprinkler system, because the towers are owned and operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which is not subject to local safety codes. No serious structural damage was caused by this fire. No trusses needed to be replaced. The holes are plugged and sprinklers are installed in all WTC buildings by 2001.

Bush relatives get security contract for the WTC.

The shiney exterior of the buildings was made possible by aluminum sheathing applied by Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa). The cast aluminum panels were directly connected to the steel superstructure of the building.  In 1977 galvanic corrosion problems were discovered.  The could fall from the building, damaging adjacient property and people below.

"The owners were fully aware of the problem and had been given the ultimatum that they could not 'implode' the buildings. They received the report stating that: Decommissioning was required by the EPA by no later than 2007, at a projected cost of $20 billion"due to the dust that would result from demolition, according to a deposition by Thomas-Scott Gordon.  The OSHA asbestos monitoring after the demolition confirms the concern.

The construction of the towers was such that a cascade initiated by fire was impossible.  On 1993 February 26, a Truck bomb detonated in the parking garage of the north tower using explosives provided by the FBI that were not exchanged for inert material "as planned" fails to have desired effect, because the building survives, and does not topple into other buildings. This event my have motivated officials to prepare the towers for demolition in the event they begin to topple after a more successful attack.

2001 July 24:  Using only $14 million of his money Larry Silverstein acquires a 99-year lease for WTC 1, 2, 4 and 5 for $3.2 billion with the right to rebuild the structures, should they be destroyed.

2001 September 8: New York City's Office of Emergency Management moved to area of WTC "late Monday night" for "bio-terrorism drill." [video removed from YouTube]

2001 September 8-9: Explosives installed during a 36-hour "power outage." Scott Forbes describes power-downs in WTC. Videos removed by YouTube.

Thanks to some Arabs, two white elephants were removed at no expense to the leasee, Larry Silverstein, vast amounts of toxic dust and the lung disease of rescue workers and the death of their dogs was blamed on terrorists, and urban renewal could reoccur.

The implosion of the WTC was declared an Act of Terror rather than an Act of War, so Silverstein and his accomplices could collect on the insurance twice, once for each plane attack despite both being part of the same conspiracy for a profit of $5.5 billion.

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