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Oh Canada

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The Canadian banking system and economy is a lot like ours - Hillarious!

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We scream about the relative crumbs of wealth transferred to subsidize socialism and mercantilism, when the real theft is by way of banks.  Loaning money from nothing (legal counterfeiting) is one thing.  Those responsible for "monetary policy," the central banks, cycle the economy with credit cycles to cycle assets from people and businesses who cannot pay the loans during bad economies, and must sell to those with cash, or let the asset revert to the bank.  Those aware of the cycle timing (like the central bank directors) know when to sell assets to avoid losses and cumulate cash for the next town-turn in order to buy even more assets.

Glad to see young folks learn and get passionate enough about the scam to produce a video like this, but some equally manipulative political philosophy lingers (socialism and environmentalism).  Wal-Mart does not hire Chinese workers.  It encourages U.S. companies with pricy products to contract with Chinese manufactures mostly for less expensive assembly.  The Chinese allegedly complaining about Wal-Mart were likely happy to get a job that paid better than other Chinese manufacturers or no job.  At the same time, the authors complain about world poverty, which can only be alleviated with unregulated trade.

If you want the least expensive products with the least environmental impact, they must be made where they geographically make sense in terms of climate, soil and natural resources. Labor disparities will normalize worldwide as product origins chase cheap material and labor resources around the world.  Sorry unions.

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