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Insecurity seems to be the common denominator of human problem behavior.

Insecurity cause and effect diagram

Educating authoritarian parents on the harm they cause by overprotecting their children, and encouraging parents to expose their children to a wide variety of people will reduce the bigotry contribution to hatred.

The 90/10 Principle of Stephen Covey will reduce relationship related hatred.

Envy is used to sell products. Insecure people buy lots of unnecessary stuff to be envied by other insecure people who buy to belong when they can or resent those who can when they can't. Comedy skits and ads demonstrating the stupidity of the behavior, and encouraging self-love and appreciation for the uniqueness of self are the only free-market means of reducing the envy contribution to hatred I can imagine. Suggestions welcome.

"Greedy" and "selfish" and their derivatives are often derogatorily used, but when asked to define the terms, the users freeze like deer caught in headlights. When pressed for the criteria for a regulation of greed or selfishness, they often resort to income level or net wealth. When asked for the threshold, they always set it above theirs. The same people often bemoan the "poor" or "homeless," but when asked how many they want me to move into the empty bedrooms of their house, the deer eyes appear. Hypocrisy and insincerity reign supreme among the self-righteous.

These are also the people who advocate yet another government solution while ignoring all the past failures. Their ability or willingness to follow cause-and-effect to the source of the problem stops where their world view begins. Their view results from the belief that people are basically bad, and hence must be controlled, so government is always the solution even when it is clearly the problem. They attend flee markets (the last relatively free markets), ignore all the voluntary transactions that occur among the peace and tranquility of the market, and sign petitions advocating more regulations.

What does it take to help them see that people are basically good, and that people resort to bad behavior when enabled by government or confronted with the market distortions caused by government?  Perhaps their emote control can be altered. The use of distinction by The Forum to help people establish a rational reality unconfused by irrevalant emotion may be used to temper emote control. A quick course devoted to emote control mitigation could be a requirement for voting, international negotiations or public office -- all unnecessary if there is no government, however corporate management or any complex decision-making position may benefit from such a course.

Every reduction in insecurity will reduce hatred, which will reduce the vicious insecurity cycle and the abuse that often triggers the expression of Evil Genes as described in a book by Barbara Oakley, page 57: 81% of psychopaths have genes predisposing them to the affliction, while 19% do not have the genes.  Only 30% of those with milder anti-social traits have genes predisposing them to the affliction.

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