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From an airline mechanic
Weatherman: The Military is Spraying Our Skies - 1 minute into the show.


JASON Defense Advisory Panel Reports:

Clouds and Radiation: A Primer, JSR-90-307, February 1993, (backup):

 "The albedo of the earth's surface (insofar as it cam be measured from satellites) is no more than .15.  The average cloud cover over the earth is observed to be 60% (65% over the ocean and 50% over the land).  Hence, to make up the average of .3, the albedo of clouds is about .45.  Clouds are therefore the most important component in the amount of reflected sunlight, and their existence is crucial in determining the surface temperature of the earth.  In face, (if other parameters were held constant) a change of cloud albedo by 2% would warm the earth's surface by 1 deg. C1.  Evidently, the modeling of clouds in climate models must be done accurately.
in practice humidities of about 300% are needed for pure water vapor to condense.  Therefore actual cloud formation takes place because of the presence of relatively large aerosols.
From the formula for t', we see that is varies inversely with the effective droplet radius.  Thus a cloud having the same LWP [liquid water content] as another but a large number of smaller droplets, will have a larger t' and therefore a larger albedo.
reducing N by a factor of 2 is equivalent to doubling the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere.

A further effect of reducing droplet size, while keeping the total LWC constant, is likely to be an increase in cloud lifetime, and consequently of average cloud cover."

Summary Since 1994

Stolen Skies - The Chemtrail Mystery


US5003186: Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming (backup)


1) US Secretary of Defense, Cohen in 1997 admitted that technology to manipulate the weather is already in use by quote “others”. He said, "Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves." See: http://www.defense.gov/Transcripts/Transcript.aspx?TranscriptID=674
2) “On October 2, 2001, Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced the "Space Preservation Act of 2001" (HR 2977), which called for the elimination of "exotic weaponry" from space. Among the weapons to be banned were weather-modifying weapons such as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and chemtrails. Though HR 3616 was later amended to remove the section that would have banned chemtrails, the original bill acknowledging the existence of chemtrail technology remains on the pages of the Congressional Record.” See: Earth Island Journal article, Stolen Skies: The Chemtrail Mystery at: http://earthislandinstitute.net/journal/index.php/eij/article/stolen_skies_the_chemtrail_mystery/

Effects - Human

http://www.clinchem.org/cgi/reprint/29/6/1318:   Here we report the first determination of aluminum, barium, silicon, and strontium in samples of human amniotic fluid, obtained at 16-19 weeks of gestation mainly from cases of advanced maternal age.
Several reports link excessive aluminum exposure with increased concentrations of the metal in the brain, which may result in various encephalopathies (5). Another report (6) has shown a statistically significant relationship between dyslexia and above normal
Al in children’s hair.
5. Bowdler NC, Beasley DS, FritZe CE, et al. Behavioral effects of aluminum ingestion on animal and human subjects. Pharnacol Biochem Behav 10, 505-512 (1979).
5. Capel ID, Pinnock MN, Dorrell HM, et al. Comparison of concentrations of some trace, bulk, and toxic metals in the hair of normal and dyslexic children. Clin Chem 27, 879-881 (1981).
6. Davis ME, Potter EL. Intrauterine respiration of the human fetus. J Am Med Assoc 131, 1194-1201 (1946).


Here is a persistent contrail I photographed around 10 AM March 25, 2010 on the way to Rosamond, CA from Lancaster, CA on Division St. approaching G Street looking northwests. The shadow beneath it is not as dark as it was when it caught my attention. It still reaches all the way to the ground.

Initial chemtrail

There were three other contrails. None cast shadows. All were sort. Their ice melted quickly. This one persisted.

The structures in the foreground are part of the new solar power facility on Avenue G at Sierra Highway, Lancaster, CA.

After I returned from Rosamond, and took my mother to the beauty parlor at 1:30 PM, I noticed the same contrail was still there. Here is the same contrail at about 3 PM from home 5 hours later. Note all the haze in its vicinity.

Chemtrail 8 hours later

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