Antifederalist Papers

Those who opposed all or part of the Constitution for the United States, some of whom were attendees at the constitutional convention, were known as Antifederalists. Although they were not as well-spoken as the Federalists, they identified flaws in the Constitution and accurately predicted the consequences.

The text for the Antifederalist Papers was derived from work done by leaders. The formatting was made more consistent and the file of all the Papers (812 KBytes &endash; you may have to increase the memory allocated to your browser to view the entire file), which facilitates word and phrase searching across all the papers, was split into separate files by number and a Contents page was created by Bill Holmes. Each Paper is linked to its corresponding Federalist Paper to facilitate the reading of both as a dialog between those in favor of the Constitution and those opposed to all or part of it.

The Antifederalists Were Right

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