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Ignorance of national history/chronology makes the nationalism con easy
Does it make more sense for trespassers to compensate their victims or for taxpayers to pay for the incarceration criminals (crime against the public or crime against the State) and partially compensate victims?

Think about it for a moment.  What does government really do?  It extorts money from some to pay private enterprise to build things that are allegedly for the public good, but in fact benefit the politically connected at the expense of everyone else or future taxpayers.  Private roads, schools, libraries, postal delivery, fire and crime suppression and many other services existed before government usurped them with "free" public services that are not free.  Government displaced or regulated Fraternal organizations out of existence. They provided social welfare, medical insurance, life insurance, orphanages, child care and business investment.

Nice people in charge of a government monopoly with the best of intentions will still anger those who disagree with those intentions.  Without direct and immediate consumer feedback, no government can work.

How can a system of compelled payment and compelled attendance be good?  Government "education" is an educational disaster, because its intent is socialization, i.e. make nice wage slaves via indoctrination, which makes it even easier to Brainwash a Nation on behalf of mercantilists. Mass media helps.

Government has engaged in many false flags and other ugly acts, so government claims of innocence should be suspect, particularly when evidence is declared Secret, and locked away for fifty years until the guilty are dead.

Government is a monopoly of power. Behind every tax collector, child protective services agent or petty bureaucrat is a police officer with a gun. Imagine the toll on the psyche of police who must enforce laws with which they disagree among the myriad promulgated by bureaucrats.

What makes you think you know what's best for other humans?
What gives you the right to control what others ingest, inject or inhale?
What gives you the right to control the property of others at no expense or risk to you simply by whining at a city council meeting?
If you can't steal, murder, rape, etc., why can government do it in your name?  This is moral laundering through the State.  Read "Our Enemy the State."
Eliminate government from the equation.
Would it be moral for your to directly confront individuals, physically constrain them, and steal their property?
If not, why does government doing it make it moral?

Government subsidies of transportation socialized the cost of product movement, and thereby favored big businesses.  Read "The Governmental Habit" by Johnathan Hughes.

Or is government just the means for cowards?

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