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While campaigning for Assembly twice, Representative twice and City Council once as a Libertarian, I could always answer all community forum questions, and back my solution with both moral and practical arguments based on fundamental principles. I was consistent. Many were unhappy with my solutions, because some expected government to give things to them, and others expected government to constrain those unlike themselves.

My Republican and Democrat competitors change their story as the debate moved from liberal coastal communities to conservative rural communities or church-sponsored forums. They placated each audience with a different story. At least the Socialist candidates were consistent. One Socialist was even against bonds, because debt is an immoral shift of taxes to future generations. She wanted more taxes NOW!

Democrats in the audience tended to be easily flustered by facts and logical arguments. Instead of offering other facts or counter-arguments, they'd vent their frustration by calling me names. At least Republicans tended to offer facts and logic with which one could dialog. Unfortunately, the morality of their argument was distorted by a "my god and country right or wrong" mentality, so they were often logically inconsistent.

I and other libertarians struggled for twenty years to use the right words and impeccable logic to reach all audiences to no avail. As more sought to use the power of government to impose themselves on others for social or security reasons, domestic or foreign, government persistently grew in size and scope.

It seems Democrats worship government as The Great Equalizer, and accept or enjoy it's necessary evil twin, The Great Handicapper. They express with their vote their guilt and dislike for those who express no similar guilt.

It seems Republicans worship My God and Country, right or wrong, and express the will of their respected mouthpieces and insecurity with their vote.

A rational explanation for this behavior was elusive until fMRI studies revealed a lack of logic and reason correlates with relatively underdeveloped portions of the frontal lobes, and a tendency to subjugate oneself to respected authority correlates with relatively underdeveloped posterior parietal cortex.

Those lacking reason or common sense are dependent on those with such traits to survive. That's why Democrats and the like tend to concentrate on the easy-going, full-service coasts rather than the tough do-it-yourself center. Republicans have the reasoning and common sense to prosper there, but in their isolation, tend to fear those with whom they have no experience, and consequently become authoritarian.

Maps of blue and red brains:
Nation by color Voting patterns for last four
After beating my head against a brick wall for twenty years, reality penetrated. The only way to keep others from imposing their illogical belief systems on me is to eliminate the concentrations of power that enable them to do so. As gangs with uniformed thugs, they are effective. As individuals, they are harmless cowards or physically defeatable.

As an engineer, I don't treat symptoms. I must identify the root cause and solve the core problem. As an INTP-INTJ I am highly sensitive to and intolerant of logical inconsistency.

I was once a limited-government Libertarian. There had to be a monopoly of power to quell the abuse, extortion and thievery of thugs, gangs and city, county and state governments, but a world government to quell the excesses of national governments was one too many governments, because there would be no where to escape should it become oppressive. If only the Constitution could be restored ...

After twenty years of studying history, economics, political philosophy and religion, and participating in politics as a candidate for Representative twice, Assembly twice and city council once, I listened to "Market for Liberty" in 2008. It was so concise and compelling that I decided to give the concept of a voluntary society its own web site on 15 January 2009. Here you will find a distillation of my learning experience. I am busy seeking work, developing products and whatever else I can do to survive, so my contributions will be fitful. Your purchases and contributions are appreciated
I intend to provide an MP3 version of many pages, so you can enjoy them while doing things other than reading from your computer monitor. If you have preferences, contributions or constructive criticism, contact me.

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