Voluntary Society - Envy, Salvation and Fear

You want to

do good, be good, belong,
so you subjugate yourself to or sacrifice yourself for
nature, your society, group, your god, prophet, group, your nation, gang, group,
because you believe
altruism is good, altruism and loyalty are good, duty and loyalty are good,
greed is bad. others are untrustworthy or dangerous.
You believe these things because besides being taught not to touch hot things or cross busy streets, you were taught
inequality is bad. not to trust those who believe, behave or appear differently than you.
True altruism or loyalty requires you to sacrifice yourself for other living things without reward or recognition.
In reality, most behaviors termed "altruistic" or "loyal" are selfish.  Sacrificing yourself for your mate or those genetically related to you is the self-interest in projecting your genes into the future. Being loyal and risking yourself for the children of others is the self-interest in reciprocity.
You make your "altruism" or "loyalty" known to others verbally, or by way of your memberships, possessions, bumper stickers, dress, hair style, tattoos, event attendance and other behaviors.  You limit your beneficence to your  expendable income and time.  You expect gratitude, love, respect or admiration in return.
Your "altruism" is the means to gratitude and admiration while helping your fellow man become a better man. Your "altruism" and recruitment of others is the means to a good afterlife or the next life. Your "loyalty" is the means to respect or martyrdom while making your nation strong and family safe.
You are harmless unless you believe you know what is best for others, and that friendly persuasion is not enough.
If you believe government is a means for encouraging or making others do what is right by way of compulsory education, taxes, subsidies, mandates or other regulations, your arrogance is harmful to others. You are an authoritarian.
If you are willing to impoverish yourself or sacrifice your life for your group or cause, you are dangerous to others. In order to do so, you must be induced to hate yourself, or your economic or social status. 
You must save others from themselves or the greedy. You were born in sin and are sinful. You owe your existence to your nation or gang.
This is the altruism Ayn Rand abhorred, because she saw it in National Socialist Germany, and lived it the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics before fleeing to the U.S.A.
Your envy has made you cross to the dark side, and hate others, or their economic or social status or beliefs. Your fear has made you cross to the dark side, and hate others, or their economic or social status or beliefs.
Your leaders are more important, knowledgeable, wise and moral than you.
They are incapable of error, fraud, theft or violence against you.
Consider that altruism, envy, salvation and fear are in fact the means by which leaders divide and dominate to gain power and wealth.
Consider your morality when you use government as a thug to extort money from others to pay the same brute to impose yourself on others without risk to you or your fortune.
Consider your morality when you use government to impose yourself on others.  Consider connecting with humanity to discover that your fears are unfounded
Consider that Statism is a Religon as aptly demonstrated in the eloquently concise, and eminently quotable "One Is a Crowd."
Consider the possibility that you are being used. Consider voluntary alternatives. Consider a voluntary society.
If you wish to continue using force, you are likely on the left side of the fulcrum along with
Socialists, Fabians, Progressives, Greens, Marxists, Leninists, Communists, Leftists, Left Wingers or Democrats Fundamentalists or other religionists Neocons, Fascists, Trokskyites, Rightists, Right Wingers or Republicans
You believe in equality, but equality under the law, i.e. equal justice is not good enough. You want to make everyone equal in every way.  So why do you abhor guns, which make the meek equal to the strong?

How equal do you want everyone? Do you want to tax excellent dancers to transfer part of their earnings to mediocre dancers, or would you rather have the excellent dancers wear weights, so their performance does not exceed that of mediocre dancers?

Do you want to tax intelligent people to transfer part of their wealth to less intelligent people, or would you rather the intelligent wear devices that interrupt their thoughts, so they do not exceed the performance of the less intelligent? See Herrison Bergeron.

Do you want to scar attractive people to make them equal to ugly people?

You are willing to sacrifice your individual right to self-ownership, property and the freedom the use it as you please in order to have mutually exclusive group rights like housing, health, job and equal pay, i.e. you must steal or enslave property in order to provide group rights. "For charity to be a virtue, it must be voluntary." -- Ayn Rand

You use government as your intermediary at no cost or risk to you to disguise your immorality and cowardice. Otherwise you would have to club people for their property to give to yourself or others. You rely on government agents to do your mugging for you.

At least union members do not hesitate to threaten or use force, but they too often rely on paid goons.

You seek the Workers Utopia of Karl Marx, et al by way of concentrating all power in one government efficiently run by one Party. According to Marx, government was an intermediate step to no government and an anarchy of workers in a socialist utopia.  In light of the historical record, it is amazing that people continue to believe that the path to socialist nirvana is by way of government.

Collectivism has repeatedly demonstrated itself to be fundamentally illogical, unsound and unsustainable on its own merits.  Some who know better will appear to support Collectivism in order to herd those who cannot imagine its "unintended" consequences to support it and their quest for power.  When all power is concentrated in government, the Collectivist leaders will exploit it to achieve unlimited power, and never relinquish it as has been repeatedly demonstrated by every Communist regime with the murder of 170 million uncooperative comrades.
You have perverted "Do not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you" into do unto others on behalf of themselves or their children, but really on behalf of you.

You are attracted to the social altruism of Socialists, and sometimes used by them.

You are attracted to the imposition of morality by Fascists, and sometimes used by them.

The purpose of government is to transfer wealth from the productive to the political class and its friends. The purpose of religion is to make you feel good about it.

For over 4,000 years, religion and nationalism -- god and country -- have been used to control the masses to benefit the few.

There is no evidence that prayer works for anything but focusing one's thought and actions on a personal goal. Religious buildings and the property of the religious succumb to the ravages of fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado at the same rates as those of non-believers, regardless of prayer. Those who claim a prayer vigil over a patient works should consider the placebo effect or ESP before claiming divine intervention.

Your extreme is the Middle East, which is plagued by a religion that values poverty, and seeks to expand by force when breeding voters is too slow. Israel must be abandoned and the region isolated. Without Israel or "foreign influence" to blame for poverty, the tribes and Muslim sects will revert to waring on themselves.  When they and their religion mature into something tolerant and non-violent, they will be welcome as part of humanity.

Properly motivated by your leader, you too can become a suicide bomber.
You believe in subsidizing and regulating business and controlling people on behalf of the country.

Nocons (Straussians) believe in the American System advocated by Alexander Hamilton and Henry Clay, imposed by Abraham Lincoln and the followers of Leo Struass, which entails high tariffs, a strong central government with aggressive policy on behalf of domestic and foreign mercantilism and a strong central bank.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party was devoted to the environment and healthy eating as well as labor before its members became known as NAZIs. They preferred to regulate businesses rather than own them like their nemesis, the Communists did. Mussolini called this Fascism, which included elements of nationalism, corporatism, national syndicalism, expansionism, social progress ['good' people according to State standards] and anti-communism in combination with censorship of subversives and state propaganda.

Socialists and other collectivists would often be in agreement with libertarians and other individualists and some independents were it not for the sloppy use of terms.

Michael Moore and Dylan Ratigan must get their terminology straight if they are to influence a broader audience.  What Moore calls "Capitalism," what Ratigan calls "Corporate communism" and what others call "corporatism" or "corporate collectivism" is "mercantilism":  favored businesses get subsidies, market monopolies, military support and protective tariffs, quotas, taxes and regulations in exchange for "donations" to politicians and pay-off jobs for bureaucrats.  Mercantilism was the basis of the British Empire as exemplified by the East India Trading Company.

Mercantilism along with a strong central government, high tariffs, a central bank, massive construction projects and imperialism were advocated by Alexander Hamilton and other "Hamiltonians," who were frustrated by the limited government, free trade "Jeffersonians" throughout the first 77 years of the USA.  This centralization of power came to be known as "The American System," which was forcibly imposed on the USA by President Lincoln after twenty years of being frustrated by southern Democrats while a Senator.

The American System is the legacy of the Republican Party.  It is similar to a form of collectivism called "fascism."  This form of government and economy was advanced by the Federal Reserve Act, Revenue Act (income tax), 16th Amendment and 17th Amendment, which were enacted under dubious circumstances in 1913.  Hoover, FDR and most subsequent presidents expanded The American System under which we suffer today as exemplified by the inappropriately titled "Capitalism - A Love Story."

By definition, "capitalism" functions in a market entirely without government perversions.  It is based on "individualism."  It is an ideal that has yet to be achieved.

Like the "workers paradise," capitalism cannot be achieved as long as government exists, because government will always be used to pervert the market.

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