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The Tribal Imperative

Animals are genetically predisposed to support the covey, pod, school, herd, pride, pack or flock, they have chosen, and been accepted into, because it is a matter of gene as well as personal survival. Members are more likely to have progeny, and the progeny are more likely to survive to project their genes into the future. It's the natural order.

Consequently, humans have evolved a brain chemistry mechanism that rewards the denigration of clans or tribes not theirs in general and the members of such tribes in particular, even when the denigration is not justified by the facts. The reward phenonomon also occurs when humans praise their tribe and it's members, regardless of the facts. Some call it emote control. I call it the tribal imperative. You want to do good, be good or belong to you tribe to get the equivalent of a hit of cocaine. The more exclusive the membership, the more intense the dedication.

Tribal zero sum game:  "I can't think of a private solution, so government must do it."

Humans are now divided into many tribes, and are concurrent members of multiple tribes like fraternities, sororities, religions, gangs, unions, political organizations, cities, counties, states and nations. The tribal imperative is easily manipulated by Machiavellians seeking power. The result is often disastrous for the members of the tribe.

Although some humans have evolved beyond the need for tribe, most remain in its grip despite the fact tribes are now counter-productive. Until evolution eliminates the tribal imperative, humans can be informed of it, so they will avoid tribes, and can be alerted when they are behaving tribal. Providing a voluntary means of eliminating the country and religion power centers so attractive to Machiavellians is the primary purpose of this site, because their competition and cooperation restricts human action the most and has caused and continues to cause the most mayhem.

Two classification systems

The first concerns economic freedom:

You believe that for some to gain, others must At least you own yourself.
YOU are among your property, and must compensate others for damage it does to the property of others.
Gain Lose
so they need unions to force wage and benefit concessions from employers at the expense of consumers government to allocate property
to equalize jobs
so the labor and commodities markets should be free of constraint or failing that to control the market

The second concerns personal freedom:

You believe humans are basically Property owners are free to do with their property as they please, including destroy it.
Good Bad* so they need religion or failing that government to make them altruistic
to help those less fortunate.
to control them to make your property safe.
so neither government
nor religion
are needed to control humans.
the goal of and is to convince them and you
to distrust others.
else is not needed
and religion
is relegated to mitigating the fear of death.
* Look around you. Do you see anyone murdering or raping anyone? So why do yo believe people are basically bad? Is that what you've been taught by your parents: to be weary of others not of your tribe: to be an authoritarian?

Of course there are nuances among the four classification combinations of Gain and Good, Lose and Good, Good and Bad, and Lose and Bad, but the tribes consequently chose have been repeatedly verified by the Nolan Chart, the quiz for which is hosted by Advocates for Self Government.

You want to You could
protect your property, or you or your insurance company hire professionals to protect your property from individuals.

contract with property protection professionals that have mutual aide contracts, and hire other professionals to protect property from nations.

employ an arbitrator-by-lot to determine by whom and how the property value loss of one due to the property trespass of another is to be compensated in a dispute.

vote with your property or its time as rent or labor, or with its representation as money in every trade.

trade your excess production for that of another, and the specialization of each increases the wealth of both.

micro-invest in those less fortunate.
You want to learn more about this Concept.
You are already aware of the concept and want Action. Nope. You still believe in the need for Government. Nope. You still believe in the need for Religion.
Hello, fellow human being and
self-governoring free trader


We may not have met, but we have traded, however indirectly. We own ourselves. You have the need for sustenance, shelter and security as do I. You specialize your labor so that you may voluntarily exchange your excess production for some of mine. In so doing we maximize the return on our investment such that we have time for procreation, family, pleasure, education and innovation. That is our self interest. That is the Natural Order.

As humans, we have come a long way from hunters and gathers to farmers with crops to be stolen, taxed or taken as tribute. From tribal lords and witch doctors by acclimation, guile or conquest to kings and theologians by birth, membership or conquest to presidents and pontiffs by election, membership or fraud, we have tried ever larger and more sophisticated forms of organization to protect our property, but every time we exchanged some of our wealth and freedom to government for security, the government soon grew to serve and secure itself rather than protect the life, liberty and property of individuals from others, and at far more expense in wealth and freedom than we agreed in our contract or by our acclimation or indifference. That is the self interest of government and those who work for it, and benefit from it, the mercantilists and other parasites.

People have always fled starvation, poverty and persecution. Many of those arriving on the shores of the New World just wanted to be left alone. Others wanted to establish their version of utopia. After enduring despots and potentates and the oligarchies by which they ruled, in 1774 there was an opportunity to skip the "balanced powers" experiment in federal governance entitled the United States of America, and embrace anarchy, but it was premature. People needed to experience a republic of democratically elected representatives before they could embrace self-governance.

There are those who just want to be left alone and there are those who just won't leave them alone. You are tired of people who think they know what's best for other people, want to "do unto others," or otherwise want to control your life, liberty and property by way of government. To fight back, you may have made and distributed signs, and attended political events to express you fear, disgust or outrage over a government gone mad. You may have become active in a political party or movement, or supported its candidates. You may have run for office. You may have been discouraged by the failure of your team to achieve enough influence to limit government.
You're stressed Man being sucked empty of his energy. Relax. There is an alternative to the quest for political power in order to achieve limited servitude.

You may have come to believe that politicians and bureaucrats cannot be so stupid so often, and assumed they must be taking bribes, being blackmailed or otherwise getting instructions from an oligarchy with interests other than those in their jurisdiction, so you investigated various conspiracy theories.

Frustrated, you found this Web site, or feeling your pain, a friend recommended it.

This Earth without countries need not be this Earth with countries or this New world order. All the same..

The list of countries is growing as jurisdictions fragment to make the livestock happy. Eventually, the livestock will realize that the optimum number of countries is the number of people on the planet; a planet of sovereign individuals.

As the worldwide economic crises deepens, and governments fall, they need not be replaced with Machiavellians promising sustenance, shelter and security. They need not be replaced.

Ready for the Concept or Action?
God and Country
Religion and Nationalism
Superstition and Ego
Fraud and Force
Lies and Tyranny
have been the means by which the few plunder the many for over 4,000 years. “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” What a brilliant scam! Pay your taxes to government. Pay your tithe to the government-sanctioned religion (prophet = profit). Don't worry about your poverty. Turn the other cheek. Do not envy the wealth, power or leisure of the oligarchyBe happy. You will receive your reward in heaven, the afterlife or your next life. In the mean time we will work you into an early grave, or kill you conquering additional taxpayers, so we may live in opulence.

Truth stands on its own.  Lies need reinforcement as in places of worship and government schools. The facade demanding sacrifice to god and country is the social conditioning "Matrix." Fallen soldiers are still honored to motivate more soldiers, but except for Pope coronations, the Mecca pilgrimage to rub a meteorite and football, mass media has largely replaced the massive staged events of the past. Unlimited fighters have replaced gladiators. The "news" has replaced the heralds.

The list of changes goes on, but the basic mechanism remains the same. An individual or oligarchy organizes a religion to threaten a population with Hell, and reward it with Heaven to elicit obedience and wealth from that population, and motivate it to seize the wealth of others. Similarly, an individual or oligarchy organizes a gang called government to create or invent real or artificial threats to a population in order to motivate the people to exchange their freedom and wealth for false security, and seize the wealth of others, or the government pretends to be beneficent, so it can extract wealth from a denigrated (evil) segment of the population to satisfy the envy of another (good) segment of the population, or both. Often religion and government work in concert.

The manifestation of wealth is an indication of intellect and its ability to provide sustenance, shelter and security. Power is another means of deriving wealth. Consequently, the manifestation of wealth and power have become as attractive to females as physical strength, stamina and genetic advantage. See Natural Order (procreation is the purpose of life) - Human Origin. This explains why inferior men strive to become wealthy and powerful by any means.

"The plundering potentates of the Potamac and the pusillanimous parasites of the palace guard are having their last ride on the merry-go-round of privilege and pelf." -- Theodor Roosevelt McKelndin

Archaeologists quickly determine who the aristocrats and monks were by virtue of the fact that they were they only ones who ate well.

The convenient thing about Religion is that the believers blame themselves for the failure of their prayers.   The convenient thing about Democracy is that the voters blame each other for the acts of the politicians and their bureaucrats and police. Democracy is merely a more economical means of control, because the many believe they are free while they enslave each other with their votes. The minority acquiesce to the enslavement without the cost of enforcement by Knights of the Realm or Praetorian Guards in fiefdom pens, because the losers participate in the vote. A little fluoride promotes acceptance of authority, and mass media after government schooling assure votes for ever more laws, bureaucracy, taxes and borrowing from a central bank that cycles credit to transfer all assets to the few while the many remain sheep to be sheered as free range livestock.

Taxes, regulations, direct financial subsidies and indirect military subsidies were adopted as the means to control the uppity merchant class, and extort their wealth. Government-sanctioned religion was replaced with government-sanctioned education, so religions were left to demonise others to sustain their authority and wealth as the religion of superstition is replaced by the religion of government.

Collectivists always want to change man for the better. Like all life, humans are inherently inclined to private property and trade. It is the natural order. No improvement is required. Only the avoidance of indoctrination by government and religion is needed for a non-violent and prosperous humanity of individualists who just want to be left alone.

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